The Challenge fans blast Tori Deal’s rumored USA 2 showmance with Survivor star

the challenge star tori deal in usa 2 spinoff
Tori Deal during a confessional interview in The Challenge: USA 2. Pic credit: Paramount+

A teaser clip has arrived for The Challenge: USA 2 featuring MTV’s Tori Deal and one of her rookie castmates in a rumored showmance.

Tori has been known to entertain hookups and showmances during her Challenge career with Jordan Wiseley and Emanuel Neagu, a few of them in recent memory.

Jordan was her most notable, as they met on the show, dated, and then got engaged on the show.

While things fell apart between them, they reunited during MTV’s Ride or Dies and seemingly put aside their past issues.

Tori went on to win that season alongside Devin Walker and then competed in The Challenge: World Championship, which also featured Jordan.

The two continued their amicable relationship and worked as allies, with Jordan and his partner, Kaz Crossley, winning the Championship season.

Based on the preview of the upcoming footage, Tori’s latest showmance could be with Survivor star Sebastian Noel on The Challenge: USA 2. However, many of the show’s fans don’t seem pleased with what they feel is a repetitive or “tired” story.

Sebastian reveals his attraction for Tori in The Challenge: USA 2 clip

In The Challenge: USA 2’s premiere episode, viewers were introduced, or re-introduced, to CBS stars. They included Cassidy Clark, Alyssa Snider, Michele Fitzgerald, Tiffany Mitchell, Chris Underwood, Tyler Crispen, and Sebastian.

Teams were drafted, with Blue Team’s captain Cassidy, selecting Sebastian as one of her squad’s competitors. She also took several MTV stars, with Cory Wharton and Tori as part of her crew.

Viewers already saw hints of flirtation and cuddling between Tori and Sebastian in preview trailers for USA 2. During the first episode, he admitted that the MTV star was “hot” in a confessional interview. A preview clip for Episode 2 shows more between these two castmates.

“What do I love about Tori? I love the way she holds herself. I love a big, bad, bold, and dangerous, strong woman, but is it good for my game?” the Survivor star asks in a confessional interview.

“No, it’s the worst thing for my game,” he admits, answering his own question.

Tori also speaks about her situation in a confessional segment, indicating she is single but unsure if she should mingle on The Challenge again.

“I just have been around the ringer when it comes to dating guys in this game, so I’m just on guard,” she said in her interview segment.

Footage shows the two castmates cuddling in bed, and Sebastian confesses to Tori that he is enamored with her personality.

After Tori tells him, “Thank you,” the camera cuts to a close-up of Sebastian’s roommate Monte Taylor snoring away.

The Challenge fans react to Tori and Sebastian’s ‘story’ on USA 2

Many fans of The Challenge also seem ready to put showmance storylines involving Tori on snooze. More than a few took to the comments of the Instagram video clip to express their frustration.

“Please no ….. like seriously NO . Who is this guy?” a commenter asked, indicating Jordan was a better choice for Tori.

A commenter claimed Tori “ruined this show and franchise,” while another said, “This storyline is so tired.”

fans commented about tori and sebastian showmance in usa 2
Pic credit: @thechallenge/Instagram

“Tori, I love you girl. But take a break from men. These challenges boys aren’t it,” another individual commented.

“Here she goes again, getting too friendly with a rookie so she’ll have someone on the rookie side saving her. Good politid***ing,” another commenter said.

She did have several defenders in the comment section, with one saying people “Can’t hate” on the fact “She’s beautiful so someone’s gonna have a crush on her every season.”

fans of the challenge react to usa 2 showmance tease featuring tori
Pic credit: @thechallenge/Instagram

Viewers saw that with Tori and Emanuel in Spies, Lies & Allies, as the rookie from Survivor: Romania ended up liking Tori during the season. Things didn’t work out between them after the show, but they’ve remained friends.

The same is true of her ex-fiance, Jordan, who continues to praise Tori for her competitive abilities even after their split. After a difficult breakup, they talked things out on Ride or Dies and maintained a friendship beyond filming that and the World Championship spinoff.

Based on Sebastian’s comments, he claims a showmance with Tori isn’t the best idea, but it doesn’t that will stop the Survivor star from acting on his crush.

The Challenge: USA 2 airs Thursdays at 10/9c and Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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