Who is Cassidy Clark on The Challenge: USA 2 cast? 

survivor star cassidy clark joins the challenge usa 2
Survivor’s Cassidy Clark is among rookies competing in The Challenge: USA 2 spinoff. Pic credit: @thechallenge/YouTube

The Challenge: USA 2 cast brings reality TV stars from CBS’ Amazing Race, Big Brother, and Survivor into the competition series.

They’ll compete alongside and against six MTV Challengers, including seven-time champion Johnny Bananas and two-time All Stars winner Jonna Mannion.

Survivor is known for bringing some formidable competitors into MTV’s The Challenge, including former show winners Michele Fitzgerald and Natalie Anderson.

Two Survivor stars also won the first season of USA, with Danny McCray and Sarah Lacina reaching the finish line ahead of the other finalists.

Cassidy Clark is another Survivor star hoping to follow in their footsteps as she attempts to win her first Challenge campaign.

Here’s what is known so far about Cassidy Clark on The Challenge: USA 2 spinoff season.

Who is Cassidy Clark on The Challenge: USA 2?

Cassidy Clark is a 27-year-old reality TV star and designer from Austin, Texas. She debuted on CBS’ Survivor 43 and finished as one of the two runner-up contestants to the season’s winner Mike Gabler.

In her cast introduction video for the CBS competition show, she said she was an artist and had just graduated college. Cassidy said she was playing Survivor at the perfect time in her life.

Based on her Survivor Wiki page, Cassidy’s hobbies include underwater exploring, boxing, skating, and most forms of art.

She describes herself in three words as “Groovy, charismatic, and creative.”

Cassidy also lists her mom as her hero, although she admitted in The Challenge: USA 2 premiere that she’s a fangirl of Survivor’s Michele Fitzgerald.

USA 2 spinoff marks Cassidy’s debut on The Challenge

Cahleesi makes her debut on The Challenge as part of the rookies in the USA 2 spinoff cast.

She shared her officially cast photo to announce her arrival to the competition series in July 2023.

“the fox has left her den again to play with the big dogs on @thechallenge USA 2 🦊😤,” Cassidy wrote in her caption.

She also appeared in several promotional videos ahead of The Challenge: USA 2, including one below, which introduces viewers to the Survivor stars on the spinoff.

Cassidy describes herself as a “challenge beast” from her show who “won three immunities.” While she was a runner-up on Survivor, she said she doesn’t want to dwell on the past and believes she can “really win this time.”

She lists coming up short on Survivor her “biggest regret” as she couldn’t seize the title at the end.

Regarding misconceptions about her, Cassidy said that people tend to underestimate her, but she loves proving others wrong.

“I love proving people wrong and showing them that I actually have such a strength and a drive and a power inside of me,” she said.

Cassidy also said she tries to see the best in people, but that might hurt her in a competition like The Challenge, where you have alliances and the potential for backstabbing.

Where to follow Cassidy Clark on social media

Cassidy is currently on Instagram with the handle @cahleesi, where she has 20,800 followers and 263 posts.

Most of her IG posts show highlights and memories from her time on CBS’ Survivor. However, a few others capture Cassidy’s everyday life and adventures.

She shared a photo in early August 2023 from some time she spent relaxing at Lake Travis in Texas to beat the summer heat.

Along with Instagram, fans can follow Cassidy on Twitter, where many Challengers react to episodes and give fans extra details about their time on the show. Additionally, there is sometimes drama in the tweets between castmates.

Follow Cassidy’s handle @cahleesi3 to stay updated with her latest tweets about the show or life. Fans can watch her on Season 43 of Survivor at Paramount Plus. Cassidy debuts on The Challenge: USA 2 starting Thursday, August 10, on CBS, with episodes also available on Paramount Plus.

The Challenge: USA 2 airs Thursdays at 10/9c and 9/8c on Sundays on CBS.

All episodes of Survivor are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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