The Challenge fans blast All Stars 4 cast for including former finalist

nicole zanatta face shot from mtv the challenge spies lies and allies
Nicole Zanatta last appeared in The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies. Pic credit: MTV

With each MTV season and spinoff season of The Challenge, fans immediately have their favorites and non-favorites.

While The Challenge: All Stars 4 is considered a highly anticipated installment of the Paramount+ spinoff, some still question specific cast choices.

In particular, Nicole Zanatta has drawn plenty of criticism for appearing in the iconic cast of MTV stars.

She’ll appear in a group that includes her ex-girlfriend Laurel Stucky, Tony Raines, Cara Maria Sorbello, Leroy Garrett, and Kam Williams.

Nicole recently appeared in a promotional video for the new All Stars season, highlighting several of the cast members’ most embarrassing moments from The Challenge.

That led to multiple critics arriving in the comment section to blast Nicole for being included.

All Star 4 cast members recall ’embarrassing’ moments

A new All Stars 4 promo video featured former Challenge competitors Adam Larson, Jay Gotti, Tony, and Nicole talking about “humbling,” “disgusting,” and “embarrassing” moments from their MTV careers.

“Oh, my God! My most embarrassing Challenge moment was probably lookin’ at a puzzle,” Nicole shared in her confessional interview.

The scene flashed to her and Cory Wharton during The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions as they tried to figure out “27 divided by three.” The footage showed both competitors seeming puzzled over the answer to the equation.

“It probably wasn’t the best choice to pick Cory as a partner,” she joked in the interview.

Jay Gotti appeared next in the video. For those who never saw or might have forgotten his moment, it was during his appearance in the final with his ex, Jenna Compono. Jay refused to drink the pint glass of fish guts required to continue.

“It was literally the most disgusting thing I’ve ever encountered in my life,” he said in his interview.

A throwback moment also featured Adam obnoxiously honking an RV horn during Road Rules and driving slowly behind his castmate Jisela Delgado as she was trying to talk to someone on the phone outside.

Fans of The Challenge slammed the All Stars 4 cast for including Nicole

While the comment section included fans reminiscing over the moments the All-Stars talked about in the video, plenty of critics wondered about Nicole being there.

“How is Nicole z an all star let’s be real,” one fan asked in the comments.

“God every time she opens her mouth! That accent is annoying,” another said.

One commenter suggested that former show winner Susie Meister wanted to participate in the show and questioned, “How is Nicole an All Star?”

“Can we get a season with Laurel and no Nicole please!!” another commenter demanded.

screenshot of critical challenge fans comments about nicole z in all stars 4
Pic credit: @thechallenge/Instagram

Nicole reached the final in her first two seasons of The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions and Vendettas. She returned for Season 37, aka Spies, Lies & Allies, but suffered an early injury in a daily event which knocked her out of the competition.

Based on rumors and spoilers for All Stars 4, some potential drama may involve Nicole and her ex.

They’ve famously dated off and on since meeting through MTV and appearing on The Challenge. Nicole and Laurel also appeared in emotional scenes involving their relationship on MTV’s Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love.

They appeared to have rekindled their relationship but broke things off again within the past year. Weeks ago, they got involved in a public spat on social media as Laurel blasted Nicole for cheating.

Viewers will have to see how things go between these former flames as they compete for the win on All Stars 4 and wait to see if there’s additional drama between them online.

The Challenge: All Stars 4 premieres Wednesday, April 10 on Paramount+.

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19 days ago

Nicole is disgusting. She acts like it’s her own version of a trailer trash dating game ! Remember everyone , girls don’t have adams apples !! Only desperados would buy into her crap anyway.
Send her to Myrtle manor lol