The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 9 clip previews Mission Interrogation with ‘sabotage’ option

the challenge double agents stars cory theresa fessy and aneesa
Cory Wharton, Theresa Jones, Fessy Shafaat, and Aneesa Ferreira on The Challenge: Double Agents. Pic credit: MTV

Ahead of The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 9, MTV unveiled sneak peek footage of what’s to come, and it will involve one of TJ Lavin’s favorite games.

It isn’t one that sits well with all of the competitors because it’s called Mission Interrogation, involves trivia, and has the competitors dreading what happens if they mess up.

The new clip combined with the trailer and synopsis details for the episode may also hint about the upcoming elimination.

Double Agents competitors to battle in Mission Interrogation

Over many seasons of The Challenge, host TJ Lavin has shown he absolutely enjoys grilling competitors with trivia questions. The questions range from pretty simple to a bit more challenging. When competitors get them wrong, they’re typically falling into water after TJ presses a button.

That will be the case once again with Double Agents Episode 9 as the competitors will get to play Mission Interrogation, a high-stakes trivia contest where competitors can get dropped to the water below.

In the footage (below), the cast members are shown letting out expletives or just shaking their heads and laughing as they realize what’s on the way. TJ gets a shiny red button to use if players get answers wrong.

There’s also a nifty option according to TJ, which allows a competitor who gets an answer correct to “sabotage” an opponent.

The winners become Double Agents with the power to send another team into elimination. However, TJ reveals a few more sweet prizes for the winning team.

It’s obviously an important event for many of the competitors to win because it seems several people have targets on their backs, and several competitors have realized their opponents don’t want them to earn Gold Skulls. Both Lolo Jones and Chris “CT” Tamburello have figured out they were being kept away from eliminations for that reason.

The latest mission follows up last week’s physical event, which had competitors going head to head in a fight in a pit full of muddy water. The objective was to retrieve a Challenge relic before one’s opponents and bring it out of the pit to safety first.

It came down to Chris “CT” Tamburello and Tula “Big T” Fazakerley against Kyle Christie and Kam Williams. CT was the overall men’s winner, while Kam was the overall women’s winner. However, they had to bring their Double Agents teammates into the final round.

CT became frustrated when he realized he and Big T each had to win against their opponents. Ultimately, CT threw his round against Kyle so that Big T wouldn’t have to keep going against Killa Kam.

Upcoming elimination matchup hinted at?

In Episode 8’s elimination, rookie Mechie Harris became the latest guy eliminated as Amber M’s partner. Nelson found himself going home several episodes prior. Amber has had a target on her back due to other female competitors viewing her as a weaker opponent without seeing what she’s capable of.

Josh Martinez was able to get a favor thrown his way from the Double Agents power team of Kyle and Kam. So Josh was sent in against Mechie and finally won his first Challenge elimination event. He now has the fifth and final Gold Skull for the men.

There are still three Gold Skulls up for grabs for the female competitors, and it seems like Episode 9 could feature a female elimination. The trailer released right after Episode 8 put a focus on “mean girls” in the house. Based on the Episode 9 plot synopsis, an old rivalry will be renewed.

Ahead of the season, there was a bit of spotlight on the history between Nany Gonzalez and Theresa Jones on The Challenge. They were at odds seasons ago over their friendship and how they proceeded in the house. They’ve also faced off in elimination before.

So that seems like a possibility in terms of which rivalry is being referred to, but will it mean they square off over a Gold Skull? It could make for another interesting battle between the two in their history on the show.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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