The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 13 sneak peek teases ‘night of hell,’ castmates’ hookup

kyle christie and nany gonzalez on the challenge double agents
Kyle Christie and Nany Gonzalez during a brutal mission in The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 13. Pic credit: MTV

With The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 13, viewers will see which of the teams can endure what host TJ Lavin has called a “night of hell.”

Based on the sneak peek trailer that arrived following Episode 12, that mission will have the competitors facing fears to endure tough tasks.

In addition to the brutal mission, Episode 13 will feature two castmates continuing to get to know each other and one competitor struggling with the emotions of her continuous failures on The Challenge.

Double Agents Episode 13 sneak peek trailer

In Double Agents Episode 12, plenty of major events happened to shake up the game. That included a double-elimination which sent two competitors home and helped two competitors earn their Gold Skulls.

That elimination also produced several new teams, who will be put to the test when they are chained together in a cell inside a dark warehouse for the next mission.

“Your night of hell begins right now,” host TJ Lavin calls out to the competitors.

The mission is officially called Survive the Night and involves “torturous conditions” based on TJ’s reveal in Episode 12. As the episode ended, lights began flashing off and on, with competitors’ screams heard.

The Episode 13 preview trailer shows some of the mission, which will involve drinking and eating some disgusting things. The new team of Kyle Christie and Nany Gonzalez are shown ready to puke as they have bottles of some sort of liquid in hand.

“I need to start thinking of how I’m going to get my Gold Skull,” Nany is heard saying during a confessional interview. There is only one Skull available for the ladies heading into the episode. However, competitors can also try to win them in elimination from someone who already has one.

Another part of the sneak peek focuses on Gabby Allen and Fessy Shafaat. In Episode 12, Gabby lost her teammate Devin Walker during the double-elimination.

Devin had previously been trying to get rid of the Big Brother alliance. After Devin was eliminated, Gabby became partnered with Cory Wharton for the game. Now it looks like more of the flirtation and relationship between Gabby and Fessy will be back on display.

Aneesa struggles with Challenge failures

While Nany is trying to figure out how to get her Gold Skull, her friend and ally Aneesa Ferreira already has one. However, it appears in Episode 13 that Aneesa will be dealing with frustration over her many seasons on The Challenge where she came close to winning, but couldn’t get it done.

The 39-year-old is on her 14th season of The Challenge with Double Agents. She’s reached the final twice, with her first time arriving in her third season, The Gauntlet 2. She’d reach another final on The Duel II, which was her sixth season. Since that, she’s been unable to get back there.

Plenty of fans are rooting for veteran competitors such as Aneesa and Leroy Garrett to finally get a win on The Challenge. Time will tell if it’s the books for either one on Double Agents, but if not, The Challenge: All Stars spinoff could be calling their names.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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