The Challenge: Corey Lay explains why he didn’t tell Amanda Garcia about Fessy Shafaat and mystery woman

the challenge star corey lay comments on fessy shafaat and amanda garcia situation
The Challenge rookie Corey Lay in Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 4. Pic credit: MTV

A recent video that involved The Challenge star Fessy Shafaat getting cozy with another female caught Amanda Garcia’s attention, leading to her saying she’s done with him.

Interestingly, that video came as Fessy was part of a Challenge Mania event in Florida, featuring other Challenge guest stars, including Spies, Lies & Allies rookies Michaela Bradshaw and Corey Lay.

After the video began circulating online, some people asked where Corey was during all of this, leading to Amanda saying he’d been speaking to her on the phone and told her Fessy was “being good.”

Corey has since responded to online comments about his involvement in all of this and said he didn’t tell Amanda about the mystery woman because he didn’t know.

Corey Lay explains his situation with Challenge stars

With Amanda and Fessy’s situation coming to people’s attention on Twitter, it brought a variety of comments and questions.

That included one person asking where Corey Lay was while Fessy was all over the mystery woman at a bar.

“With him, talking to me on the phone when he called saying ‘he’s being soooo good’ so good at what? Being a f***** clown? Tfffff,” Amanda replied.

amanda garcia replies to tweet asking where fessy was
Pic credit: @MTV_AMANDAG/Twitter

However, the former 12 Dates of Christmas cast member says he was out of it. Based on Corey’s answer, he was hanging out with Fessy and other Challenge cast members, including All Stars’ Jisela Delgado.

According to Corey, he was “10 tequila shots deep” with Jisela and wasn’t watching over Fessy while they were out drinking.

corey lay of the challenge tweets about fessy situation
Pic credit: @CoreyLay/Twitter

Corey also responded to the notion that he told Amanda that Fessy was being “good,” saying that when he spoke with Amanda, it was in a car before they were even at one of the bars.

“Chile when I talked to Amanda on the phone we weren’t even at a bar yet. We were driving to the first spot,” Corey replied.

corey lay the challenge replies tweets about fessy situation
Pic credit: @CoreyLay/Twitter

Amanda fires back at castmate, Corey comments on ‘single people’

After Corey’s tweet about when he spoke with Amanda, she seemed to be calling him out about it, prompting Corey to defend himself.

“That’s a lie you talked to me when you left the bar waiting for pizza at the end of the night but okkkkk,” Amanda tweeted.

“To be honest I was blacked out and don’t remember this call. Clearly I didn’t see what happened in the video live so I told you the truth as I knew it,” Corey responded.

corey lay of the challenge responds to amanda garcia tweet
Pic credit: @CoreyLay/Twitter

In a follow-up tweet, Corey let everyone know that it’s not up to him to monitor what other “single people” do, referring to Fessy’s actions while they were out.

corey lay of the challenge tweets about single people
Pic credit: @CoreyLay/Twitter

Based on comments from Fessy and Amanda over the past several weeks, they’d been seeing where things might go but weren’t officially a couple. Those comments arrived during various podcasts, interviews, or Instagram Live sessions featuring Amanda and Fessy.

During The Challenge: Aftermath this past week, Amanda also mentioned that she and Fessy weren’t “boyfriend and girlfriend” yet. However, she indicated that Fessy had dumped castmate Michele Fitzgerald to be with her.

However, Fessy’s recent involvement with a “fan” he was apparently “all over” drew the ire of Amanda. The video of Fessy with the mystery woman led to Amanda saying she’s “done with it.” The Challenge star also indicated she was canceling a trip she’d planned to see him in Florida and that Fessy wouldn’t be coming to see her in Colorado.

The two castmates could potentially appear together in person for The Challenge Season 37 reunion, which speculation indicates will take place later this month. Corey Lay could also be part of the reunion, although it’s currently unknown which cast members are invited.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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