The Challenge champ Nehemiah Clark reveals who he really wants to see come back on the show

former the challenge winner nehemiah clark comments on who he wants to see back on the show
Nehemiah Clark on The Challenge Rivals season. Pic credit: CBS All-Access

A former Real World star and The Challenge winner, Nehemiah Clark, recently answered some fans’ burning questions about the MTV competition show.

In addition to talking about whether he felt the show was better back when he was on it compared to now, he also commented on Theresa Jones making her return to compete on Double Agents.

Nehemiah also gave his answer for two competitors he’d really like to see come back and be part of The Challenge once again, and his answer may surprise people.

Nehemiah gives thoughts on The Challenge

After appearing on The Real World: Austin, Nehemiah Clark appeared on four seasons of The Challenge and had his share of tough battles and fun times over the years. He was a winner on The Gauntlet III season as part of the Rookies team that split up $300,000 in prize money.

When a fan asked whether Nehemiah thought The Challenge was better back then versus now, Nehemiah said some aspects are. He mentioned that he liked “how chill it was” and that they got an off day and could listen to music back in the earlier days.

However, he added, “I think that the way that the show is now, they’ve definitely elevated the actual challenges and the production value of the show.”

A fan also asked Nehemiah what he thought about Theresa Jones returning to The Challenge: Double Agents.

“I think it’s always cool when ‘old school people’ get their shot at the gold, especially now that the money is so huge,” he said.

“I haven’t caught up to see how she’s been on the season, but I mean, she’s nice to look at, so yeah,” Nehemiah added about his castmate from the Rivals season in 2011.

A fan asked him who else he wants to see return to compete on The Challenge again, and Nehemiah named a few interesting and maybe controversial competitors.

“Alright, so there’s two people that I want to see come back,” Nehemiah said, chuckling. “My man Teck Money and Puck. If Puck could do a Challenge right now, that would probably be my favorite season, hands down,” he shared.

Both competitors only did one season of The Challenge. After debuting on The Real World: San Francisco, the controversial David “Puck” Rainey went on The Challenge’s Battle of the Sexes. He made it seven episodes but was involved in a major feud during that season with castmate David Edwards.

Puck ultimately trashed the residence and quit the show due to his wife being detained in Jamaica for not having her green card.

Teck Money is Tecumshea “Teck” Holmes. He made his debut on The Real World: Hawaii and then appeared on The Challenge 2000 season. He didn’t win the show but still collected $6,830 of the Real World team’s banked money. Years later, Teck is active on his Instagram, where he notes he’s involved in television, movies, and deejaying, as well as standup comedy.

Puck is now 52 years old and had a number of legal issues since leaving reality TV, so it’d be surprising to see him on today’s Challenge, but who knows.

Teck is 44 years old, so both guys are quite a bit older than the oldest competitors still appearing on the show. However, Nehemiah is just 35 years old and debuted on the same Real World season with Wes Bergmann.

The Challenge spinoff could include Nehemiah

A project that was discussed for a while and is now rumored to begin filming early this year is The Challenge OGs spinoff. It’s a show that would feature many of the older castmates from The Challenge who haven’t been seen as much over the years. It could also include some competitors that fans have seen recently, such as Aneesa Ferreira, Wes, CT Tamburello, and Johnny Bananas.

A rumored list of potential cast members hit the internet over the past several weeks and is continuously updated. One of the names listed under “Up in the air” for guys is Nehemiah Clark. Others include Abram Boise, CJ Koegel, Cohutta Grindstaff, Johnny Bananas, Karamo Brown, Eric Nies, and Ace Amerson.

Teck and Puck aren’t mentioned on any of the lists in the forum, though, so their availability for the show is unknown.

Could Nehemiah be part of the OG spinoff, along with the competitors he wants to see come back on the show? It seems anything’s possible in the world of MTV and reality TV.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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