The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines star says she’s open to returning to compete

the challenge battle of the bloodlines
The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines was MTV’s 27th season of the show. Pic credit: Paramount+

Over the many seasons of MTV’s The Challenge, various themes have been in place, including seasons where cast members teamed up with exes, rivals, or family members.

The latter was Battle of the Bloodlines, which only had one season for MTV’s competition series, while other themes got two or three installments.

It made for some exciting drama, and intense competition as family members showed their capabilities. One of the Bloodlines cast members who seemed like she was “one and done” says she’s open to returning to the show but only at a certain point in her life.

The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines competitor would return

The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines was filmed back in 2015 and aired on MTV from early December 2015 into mid-February 2016.

It featured veteran cast members teaming up with their family members. Many of those family members appeared in just that season, including Cohutta Grindstaff’s cousin Jill Tuttle, Cory Wharton’s cousin Mitch Reid, and Jenna Compono’s cousin Brianna Julig.

Brianna, 29, recently allowed fans to send her questions on her Instagram Story, and the popular question many Challenge fans ask came up: Would she ever return to the show?

Based on Brianna’s response, she’d be open to returning, but only when her son has grown up a bit and she was in better shape for it.

“I never thought I’d say this.. but YES I would consider going back. (Not until my son is a little older) but if I was back in shape and got the call I think I’d go. I really loved doing the challenges and seeing what I was capable of,” she said in her reply.

brianna julig answers ig story questions
Pic credit: @briannajulig/Instagram Story

Briana shared recent updates on her son, wedding plans

Brianna has two children, a son and a daughter. Brianna’s son is still quite young, as last week she shared an update with her Instagram followers about him.

“Our little baby is 3 months old already! 14 1/2 lbs! He is the sweetest little munchkin and such a good boy! All he does is smile! ? he had cereal for the first time yesterday and he loved it! It was like he’d been eating solid foods his whole life ? he is crazy strong! He lifts his whole chest off the ground and he rolled for the first time at 6 weeks! We love you so much little one!” Gianna wrote of her baby’s progress.

Along with the baby update, Brianna revealed in another answer on her Instagram Story that she plans to get married. She had been planning to do so, but the ongoing coronavirus pandemic pushed things back, along with other life events.

“We just started having babies and then got the house and it kept getting pushed off. But I know I want to do a destination wedding! I feel like it would be so awesome to have like a giant family vaca with all my favorite people. Maybe in a year or two,” she wrote on her IG Story reply.

brianna julig shares wedding update on ig story
Pic credit: @briannajulig/Instagram Story

Based on Brianna’s answers, it could be several years before she’d return to MTV’s The Challenge. The other possibility would be competing on The Challenge: All Stars.

It’s unknown if the All Stars spinoff on Paramount Plus will continue beyond Season 3, as there’s been no official announcement. However, several former cast members appeared on the spinoff after only one season of The Challenge.

Brianna only appeared on Bloodlines, where she reached the finals alongside cousin Jenna Compono and finished in third place. While she doesn’t have any Fresh Meat, Real World, or Road Rules ties, maybe All Stars would make an exception. If not, she could go on MTV’s show if a call arrived, as many fans would probably love to see her back again.

The Challenge Season 38 is TBA on MTV. The Challenge: All Stars 3 premieres on May 11 on Paramount Plus.

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