The Challenge: Amber M reacts to Double Agents reunion, Tori Deal situation

amber martinez during the challenge double agents reunion
Rookie Amber M during a segment on The Challenge: Double Agents reunion Part 1. Pic credit: MTV

Amber M recently got an opportunity to review the first part of The Challenge: Double Agents reunion and had several comments regarding things discussed during the episode.

That included her calling out Tori Deal and Fessy Shafaat, among other topics that she was part of during MTV’s reunion special.

Amber gave an update about her situation with Tori going forward too. It appears that they may not be forming an alliance anytime soon, should they appear on a future season of The Challenge together.

Amber M. says Double Agents stars texted her they’d ‘go in’

Throughout the Double Agents season, rookie Amber M uploaded reaction videos on her YouTube channel along with her cousin Kimmy. Amber shared her thoughts or reactions about things that happened in episodes, including her situations with Amber Borzotra and Tori Deal.

The Tori situation came up during The Challenge: Double Agents reunion Part 1, with Amber M. speaking up that some of her castmates were acting like “mean girls” in the house. She included Aneesa Ferreira’s name in that conversation along with Tori. It originally stemmed from Tori and Aneesa talking about some of the smaller female competitors as “layups” when it came to potential elimination opponents.

During the reunion special, Amber M. spoke about it but seemed to be on her own to defend it. When asked, she mentioned other castmates, including Double Agents’ Gabby Allen, Tula “Big T” Fazakerley, and Amber Borzotra had also felt that way.

In her reaction video (below), Amber claimed that some of her castmates had texted her before the reunion, saying they would “go in” on people at the reunion. However, she said they never spoke up during the reunion filming.

“I was confused because everybody was hitting me up like, ‘I’m gonna go in on this person and that person,’ Amber said in her video, making the lips sealed sign. She added that people don’t like her because she keeps it real and basically isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

Reunion host Vernon Davis brought up Amber’s tweet that she wasn’t going to listen to that “boring a** podcast” referring to MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast that Aneesa and Tori co-host. At the reunion, Amber said she still wasn’t going to listen to it and Aneesa boasted it was No. 1 to praise the podcast.

From there, Amber said she and Aneesa are good, but the focus shifted to her and Tori’s situation regarding an apology for things Tori may have said or done on Double Agents.

Are Amber M. and Tori friends now?

During the Double Agents reunion special, Amber mentioned that Tori apologized to her online in a DM. Tori joked about not showing up on Amber’s doorstep for a face-to-face apology. Eventually, Tori apologized to Amber if she “made her feel small” and Amber seemed to be OK with that.

Around the 15-minute mark of her YouTube reaction video, Amber’s cousin asked where she and Tori stand with things now. It appears they don’t really stand anywhere, beyond the reunion special apology.

“Yeah, I mean, like I don’t really f**k with her. I don’t really care. I mean, there’s just nothing there,” Amber shared.

“That was the last time I spoke to her and that’s probably gonna be the last time I talk to her. I don’t wish her bad. I don’t wish anybody bad like that’s not me,” Amber said of the situation.

It’s unknown right now when and if Amber M might return to The Challenge, especially with her situation involving Tori Deal and those podcast comments. Still, she provided some great entertainment during the Double Agents season and could become a great rival for Tori if production chooses to bring Amber M. back to the show.

The Challenge airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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