The Challenge: Amber Borzotra’s former castmates comment about lack of respect she gets

The challenge star amber borzotra in the zone for ride or dies event
Amber Borzotra at The Zone in The Challenge: Ride or Dies season. Pic credit: MTV

According to several cast members from The Challenge, Big Brother star Amber Borzotra deserves way more credit and respect than she receives from castmates.

During the recent Ride or Dies season, viewers have watched Amber compete to win a second championship, teaming with rookie Chauncey Palmer and her boyfriend.

She’s battled through adversity during the season, with Chauncey her primary support system as she grieved over the loss of her grandmother as filming went on.

Amber’s also had to deal with not having enough friends in the game and possibly some “catty females” who throw shade and target her during her seasons.

While she recently mentioned that she wished she had more girlfriends in the game to talk with, it appears she has at least a few former castmates showing some support for her.

Ride or Dies rookie Jakk Maddox and Spies, Lies & Allies rookie Corey Lay recently shared their thoughts about Amber and the lack of respect she gets.

Castmates show support for The Challenge’s Amber Borzotra

Taking to Twitter this past week, several newer players in The Challenge world commented about Amber not being considered a veteran cast member.

Jakk, who originally appeared in MTV’s Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love, showed up as a rookie for The Challenge: Ride or Dies alongside a former winner, his friend Laurel Stucky.

They became targeted relatively early in the game by the Survivor duo of Michele Fitzgerald and Jay Starrett. While they survived one elimination event, Jakk and Laurel lost to Jordan Wiseley and Aneesa Ferreira in an elimination during Ride or Dies Episode 6.

Even so, Jakk likely got some insight into how Amber was received or treated by castmates during his time filming the show.

Amber’s boyfriend, Chauncey, tweeted on January 19 to show some love for his former castmate and Corey, who he’s yet to meet, due to them showing love for Amber based on The Challenge.

A fan responded to the tweet calling out other cast members for bullying Amber all the time, suggesting it was due to jealousy over her winning the show as a rookie.

That prompted Jakk to respond, spilling some tea that “multiple vets” told him, “she’s not a real vet just because she won.”

He mentioned that the two individuals aren’t champions of The Challenge themselves.

jakk maddox from the challenge ride or dies tweets about amber
Pic credit: @jakkofheartss/Twitter

Corey from Season 37 gave his thoughts on the matter, suggesting that Amber’s appeared in three seasons of the show, won a season, and has multiple elimination wins among her achievements.

“If that ain’t a vet idk what is?” Corey said in his tweet with a dead emoji.

cory lay of the challenge tweets for support amber borzotra
Pic credit: @CoreyLay/Twitter

Amber had strong mentors on The Challenge

As mentioned, Amber entered MTV’s competition series as a rookie on Double Agents, with the former Big Brother star finding herself fighting to survive the game’s intricacies.

She seemed to align herself with other rookies and underdogs but also had connections with some strong vets in the game due to her partnerships.

Amber teamed up with four-time Challenge champion Darrell Taylor for most of her rookie season, and it seemed he was a positive guiding force for her in the game.

Once Darrell was eliminated late in the season, she had to fight to survive in the game as Fessy Shafaat seemed uninterested in running the final with her.

Fessy’s loss was CT Tamburello’s gain, as the four-time Challenge champ ended up as Amber’s partner in the final. The duo was able to outrun and outwit the other finalists en route to CT’s fifth championship and Amber’s first.

Even without CT or Darrell as her partners in her next two seasons, Amber continues to show she’s one of the top competitors in the game. Based on several castmates’ comments, she deserves to receive credit for her accomplishments and respect as a vet.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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