The Challenge: Amber Borzotra comments about dealing with ‘catty females’ on Ride or Dies

amber borzotra during the challenge ride or dies confessional
Amber Borzotra spoke about dealing with “catty females” during Ride or Dies. Pic credit: MTV

Winning daily challenges and eliminations is one component of The Challenge, but dealing with the various castmates and the stresses they bring adds another layer of difficulty for some players.

Double Agents champion Amber Borzotra recently went on record suggesting she’d rather take a vow of celibacy for a season than deal with the “catty” females on MTV’s show.

The former Big Brother star has become a regular on the competition series, and it seems she’s had to deal with critical comments or shade from castmates each season which may have fans scratching their heads.

Amber was the latest guest on Johnny Bananas’ podcast, Death, Taxes, and Bananas, where he asked her which thing was “more difficult to deal with” during their Ride or Dies season.

In one instance, he asked her if it was more difficult to deal with “catty females or Devin [Walker]” on the show.

“They’re kind of all the same,” Amber said, laughing with Bananas, explaining she gets along with him outside the house, so it’s usually part of the game when he acts a certain way toward her.

Amber comments about ‘catty females’ in The Challenge

Bananas also asked Amber what was more difficult during Ride or Dies, “dealing with all of the catty females or taking a vow of celibacy for the entire season?”

“The females,” Amber said without hesitation, adding, “Dealing with the females. Like honestly, the celibacy was, I can do that. I’ve done that even when I’m single.”

“It’s just when I have to deal with unnecessary drama and cattiness and knowing that there’s bulls**t going on behind my back that just, I don’t understand,” she shared.

Amber called it “so overwhelming” to deal with when she can’t just walk away from it all in the house or game.

Amber says she’s felt close with Challenge castmate

During her chat with Johnny Bananas about dealing with the “catty females” in The Challenge, Amber said she wished she had more girlfriends on the show for a season.

She arrived to Ride or Dies with her loving and loyal boyfriend, Chauncey Palmer, who she was often seen conversing with during the episodes. However, Amber said she would’ve liked “more girlfriends” at The Challenge.

She explained that sometimes in the game or during filming, she needed to talk to someone besides her boyfriend about various topics, possibly even about him.

“I just really don’t have those girlfriends, and I never have. Like the only person I feel like I’ve ever really been close to on any season is Nany [Gonzalez],” Amber shared.

She went on to say Nany was “really there for me” during her rookie season, and during Ride or Dies, they weren’t necessarily working together but still were supportive of each other.

Nany lost her mother before Ride or Dies, which has been brought up in emotional scenes during the season. Additionally, Chauncey previously tweeted that Amber lost her grandmother while filming was going on, but she stayed on the show for him.

Amber explained that since they both were grieving a lot over difficult circumstances in their personal lives, they’d pass by each other at the house or somewhere and ask each other if they were OK.

“So, like I keep saying, it’s just deeper than a game with Nany,” Amber said.

Amber’s The Challenge: Ride or Dies season

The Challenge: Ride or Dies marked Amber’s third season on MTV’s competition show. After capturing a Challenge championship during her rookie season, Double Agents, alongside legend CT Tamburello, she became targeted often in follow-up seasons as others looked to oust her from the game.

During Ride or Dies, she and Chauncey ended up in two eliminations during the season, winning their first against Amber’s former Double Agents partner, Darrell Taylor, and his teammate, Veronica Portillo.

In Ride or Dies Episode 15, Amber and Chauncey made a surprisingly risky move, volunteering themselves for elimination so they could try to control their fate in the game.

However, that elimination brought a tougher event and opponents. The duo was ousted from the game by Jordan Wiseley and Aneesa Ferreira in Rumble Tumble, ending Amber’s chance at winning another title.

There were several instances during the show where Amber’s name was mentioned, with castmates not necessarily trusting her in the game. That included commentary from Devin, rookie Nurys Mateo, and veteran star Aneesa Ferreira directed toward Amber’s gameplay.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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