The Challenge: All Stars sneak peek trailer has TJ Lavin calling out quitter, Arissa Hill swearing at castmate

the challenge host tj lavin during all stars spinoff episode
During The Challenge: All Stars season, TJ Lavin calls out one of the competitors for quitting. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge: All Stars started off with castmates exchanging pleasantries and reuniting after years away from the show they all competed on at one time or another.

However, that all seems like it will go out the door as the season rolls on. A brand new sneak peek video featuring scenes from the season ahead shows some of the drama that will unfold.

That includes show host TJ Lavin utterly disappointed in one competitor, and Arissa Hill flipping off a castmate in a moment of anger.

The Challenge: All Stars sneak peek trailer arrives

In The Challenge: All Stars Episode 1, viewers got reacquainted with the 22 returning competitors who all got their starts on The Real World, Road Rules, or Fresh Meat seasons on MTV.

They included players such as Mark Long, Derrick Kosinski, Teck “Money” Holmes, Kendal Sheppard, Trishelle Cannatella, and Beth Stolarczyk.

While there was plenty of nostalgia and fun, things got serious when it was time for Mission Deep Blue Dive as many competitors were unable to perform a swim and dive portion of the challenge for their teams.

While one team ultimately emerged victoriously, it resulted in the male captain of the losing team automatically getting sent into elimination. There was also a vote amongst players to send in someone to face him at The Arena.

Now that one episode has aired, a new sneak peek trailer (below) for what else will take place this season has been making the rounds online. The new footage was unveiled at the end of the first Aftermath episode on Paramount Plus hosted by Devyn Simone.

Drama on the way for OGs spinoff season

The trailer shows off what appears to be Trishelle Cannatella and Katie Doyle engaged in an argument about something that happened 16 years ago. Katie is telling Trishelle to let it go.

It’s unknown what that will be about, but many fans are already excited to find out. The two had a relatively close relationship outside of the game based on Trishelle’s comments in an All Stars promotional video.

Additionally, the footage spotlights several missions, cast member discussions, and a disappointed TJ Lavin. The Challenge host asks someone if they’re just quitting, and it appears that will be the case. “Alright, don’t take care. Hope to see you never,” TJ tells them after their lack of effort.

One other scene reveals Arissa Hill apparently mad at one or more of her OG castmates. It’s a departure from the Arissa shown in the first episode who was calm and feeling bad for Ace Amerson during an elimination meeting.

“People are breaking down right in front of us,” Laterrian Wallace says in a voiceover before Arissa is shown flipping the bird to someone and cursing at them. That appears to take place at an elimination event.

In other parts of the sneak peek footage, Kendal Sheppard is shown laying on the ground hurt, a rope tangle elimination makes its return, and Beth is questioning someone calling her a liar.

Based on those bits and pieces of footage, there will be plenty of good stuff coming on the Paramount Plus spinoff series. Viewers will have a total of nine episodes, which should fill some of the void left once the Double Agents season ends.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

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