The Challenge: All Stars Season 3’s Wes Bergmann fires shots at castmate, Nia Moore reacts to rivalry

wes bergmann during challenge all stars 3 promo video
Wes Bergmann during a promotional video for The Challenge: All Stars 3. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

When it comes to The Challenge: All Stars Season 3, many of the men competing in the spinoff seem to view one individual as their biggest threat to winning.

In a brand new promotional video, All Stars 3 cast members speak about their strengths, weaknesses, and biggest competition in the game.

While Jordan Wiseley’s name came up quite a bit, it was for a different reason from Wes Bergmann, who took a few shots at his castmate. That brought Nia Moore into the comments to react to their rivalry.

The Challenge: All Stars 3 cast dishes on their ‘biggest competitors’

In the new Challenge video, viewers learn who the OGs might be looking at as their threats and allies in the game. For example, Nia Moore, Tina Barta, and Darrell Taylor all list themselves as their biggest competition.

Funny enough, Wes Bergmann says it’s his mouth that’s always his biggest competition. Fans have seen that during many of his seasons, which has led to his elimination. His last MTV season, Double Agents, featured him as a target early and often.

Meanwhile, multiple castmates list Jordan Wiseley as someone they have their eye on competition-wise due to his reputation as highly athletic as he’s been running marathons. MJ Garrett, Brad Fiorenza, and Derrick Kosinski are among the cast members praising him.

Even Melinda Collins, one of Wes’ two castmates from his Real World: Austin season, brings up Jordan and Wes’ previous history. However, Wes has a different take on things.

“The biggest layup in the house is Jordan. Jordan gets this completely weird reputation that he’s good at The Challenge, and he’s not,” Wes says in the video.

As far as their Challenge resumes go, Wes has 14 seasons of the MTV show under his belt, and Jordan has done six regular seasons. Wes competed in five finals and has two championship wins, while Jordan has been in four finals and won three.

In other essential stats, Jordan has 21 daily wins and a 7-2 elimination record compared to Wes’ 25 daily wins and 14-9 elimination record.

The prize money tallies are also quite different, as Wes has won over $300,000 during his time on the show, while Jordan has collected over $800,000, per The Challenge Wiki.

Wes fires more shots at Jordan, Nia reacts to rivalry

Wes’ shots at Jordan didn’t end with his remarks in the video clip, as he also showed up in the comments to take a few more digs at his castmate.

“Jordan couldn’t beat me in a long distance run or a bad haircut competition on my worst day,” Wes commented.

wes bergmann comments about jordan wiseley
Pic credit: @challengemtv/Instagram

With Wes taking all those shots at Jordan, it brought Jordan’s castmate from The Real World: Portland, Nia Moore, into the comments to show some love for the rivalry.

“Lmaoooo I knew @westonbergmann was gonna be the one to kick over the glass of @jordan_wiseley kool-aid in this ?? I love you two so much. Such a beautiful brotherly rivalry, rooted in mutual respect ❤️,” she commented.

the challenge nia moore comments about wes and jordan
Pic credit: @challengemtv/Instagram

The Challenge: Total Madness was the last time fans saw Wes Bergmann and Jordan Wiseley on a season together. That also featured Wes’ longtime rival Johnny Bananas and Jordan’s then-fiancee, Tori Deal.

During at least one episode, Jordan and Wes’ feud was under the spotlight.

Wes and Johnny also buried their historic rivalry that season to become unlikely allies. At one point, they teamed up to send Jordan into elimination against then-rookie Fessy Shafaat. It ended up being a Pole Wrestle, which didn’t go well for Jordan due to having one hand.

Now he’s back for All Stars 3, and it seems the trash-talking is already underway as fans wait to see which of these rivals gets the best of the other in the competition.

The Challenge: All Stars 3 premieres on May 11 on Paramount Plus.

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