The Challenge: All Stars Episode 2 trailer features drama from the past, possible elimination spoiler

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Darrell Taylor, Aneesa Ferreira, and Jonna Mannion at The Arena on The Challenge: All Stars. Pic credit: Paramount+

A new The Challenge: All Stars Episode 2 trailer officially arrived to give viewers a glimpse of what’s on the way in the OG spinoff show’s second installment.

It appears things will pick up steam in terms of dramatic blowups now that the OG cast members have become reacquainted and got a chance to party together a bit.

The recent footage gives a bit more insight into what might be going on with that infamous scene featuring Trishelle Cannatella and Katie Doyle, as well as a teaser for drama involving several other cast members.

Trishelle vs. Katie argument in The Challenge: All Stars Episode 2?

When The Challenge: All Stars Episode 2 is released, it looks like viewers get to see Trishelle and Katie have that discussion about 15 or 16 years ago that everyone has been waiting to find out about.

While the trailer for the new episode replays that scene, it also gives another scene showing Trishelle speaking to someone who isn’t shown in the camera view.

“This girl has been horrible to me,” Trishelle is telling another cast member or more in the scene, before the scene with her and Katie arrives.

It’s unknown if the argument will be between Trishelle and Katie or them discussing someone else. However, fans seem ready to find out what the drama is about. The two were apparently close while off The Challenge. Trishelle even mentioned they were bridesmaids at each other’s weddings.

In addition to that drama, Ruthie Alcaide is also arguing with Syrus Yarbrough during the episode’s cast party. She calls him out for “cheating,” but it’s unknown if that’s about a relationship, an All Stars daily mission, or something in the past.

Check out the footage below for more insight into the episode. In a minor spoiler alert, this may be a female elimination and could involve someone giving up. The new trailer has TJ Lavin asking someone if they’re just going to quit an elimination. It’s unknown who that is in this episode, but it could also bring on those famous words TJ says to the quitter.

Will the situation at the second elimination be a result of the arguments shown in the trailer? It’s going to make for an entertaining episode based on what the sneak preview spotlighted.

The Challenge OG spinoff is drawing rave reviews so far

There’s only been one episode on Paramount Plus so far, but it appears fans are mostly loving the OG spinoff series based on what it brings to the screen. While it generally arrives early Thursday mornings, hours after the Double Agents episode airs on MTV, it has become something viewers seem amped for.

Mark Long, who helped bring The Challenge: All Stars to life, recently shared a post featuring a collection of positive reviews for the spinoff season. In his Instagram post below, websites including US Weekly, Barstool Sports, and Variety all praised the new series for it’s nostalgia and entertainment factors.

“The reviews are in…and we’ve got ourselves a #BANGER ?? Thank you for the OVERWHELMING fan and press response after the first episode ?????? I really appreciate it?,” Mark said in his IG post’s caption.

The series will feature a total of nine episodes, arriving each Thursday on Paramount Plus for on-demand streaming. In addition, there is an All Stars Aftermath show hosted by Devyn Simone, and additional coverage will arrive on the Official Challenge Podcast.

That gives fans plenty of OG content and coverage to enjoy on a weekly basis as the nostalgic spinoff season continues to let the good times roll!

The Challenge: All Stars episodes arrive Thursdays on Paramount Plus.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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