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The Challenge: All Stars cast member addresses relationship situation: ‘This should shut those rumors up’

the challenge all stars cast members jonna alton jisela and big easy
Jonna Mannion, Alton Williams, Jisela Delgado, and Eric Banks of The Challenge: All Stars cast Pic credit: Paramount+

During The Challenge: All Stars season, a few showmances took place as many OG competitors reunited, and some met one another for the first time.

Jisela Delgado and Alton Williams were amongst the featured in-house relationships, as they received a spotlight in several of the episodes and confessional interviews.

Their relationship also came up again during the All Stars reunion, with host Maria Menounos bringing up that there was a rumor that Alton was married. Jisela and other cast members answered to that, but it appears Alton, who was not at the reunion, has also weighed in on the matter.

Marriage rumor brought up during All Stars reunion

While Jisela Delgado, 40, and Alton Williams, 41, had appeared on The Gauntlet 2 season of The Challenge together 2005-06, Jisela mentioned on All Stars she didn’t remember him much. However, it was clear she noticed her castmate years later as the two got to know one another more.

In one episode, footage revealed the two had a late night or early morning conversation and possibly more in one of The Challenge house’s rooms. Neither would admit that something had gone on there, though.

They continued to stay close during the season, and both made it to TJ Lavin’s final. While Jisela was part of the first team eliminated during the final, she mentioned she would see Alton again after filming. Alton admitted he was unhappy to see Jisela and her teammate, Derrick Kosinski, eliminated, as they were two of his favorite people there.

The Challenge: All Stars Episode 10 featured the reunion where 10 of the show’s 22 cast members were in a studio to look back at the big moments from the past season. Jisela was among those cast members, while Alton was not. She spoke about their relationship situation, saying they were “friends” during the season and after. However, she said their current geographical circumstances didn’t allow for Alton to court her properly.

Maria Menounos brought up that there was a rumor that Alton was married. Jisela explained she had thought that he was coming to tell her that when he came to her room early one morning during the filming. However, she learned that wasn’t true. It turns out he has a “baby’s mom” back home, and as KellyAnne Judd described, he refers to “his Veronica” sort of like a wife, the way he talks so much about her.

Jisela posts Alton’s response to relationship rumors

With Alton not in attendance at the reunion and rarely seen in interviews or on social media, he hadn’t been heard from much at all during the release of All Stars episodes. However, it appears that he and Jisela still talk quite regularly, and he may have asked her to share a particular message for those wondering about his situation or theirs.

“With love ? Prince and his Mermaid! (Alton said this should shut those rumors up) #TheChallengeAllStars,” Jisela wrote in her tweet of a photo that shows her and Alton kissing one another.

The photo’s exact time and location aren’t specified, but they may have taken the photo at the airport after filming for The Challenge: All Stars season wrapped.

It’s one of several photos Jisela shared of herself with Alton in the past several weeks. In a previous post that Jisela shared on social media, she was sitting on Alton’s lap nearby other castmates, including Aneesa Ferreira who had her face covered up by an image.

Based on the photo, it’s Alton, and possibly Jisela’s, way of telling everyone that he isn’t married and is free to pursue other women. Jisela mentioned at the reunion that if Alton’s situation changed geographically, she would definitely pursue something with him.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes are available on Paramount Plus.

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