The Challenge: All Stars 4 spoilers reveal elimination matchups and final 12 competitors

host tj lavin for the challenge all stars spinoff
TJ Lavin is the host for Paramount Plus’ The Challenge: All Stars spinoff. Pic credit: MTV

As The Challenge: All Stars 4 spinoff has been filming in South Africa, insiders and superfans of the show have been revealing spoilers online regarding which cast members are competing.

That also brings about All Stars 4 spoilers regarding which of the cast members get eliminated, as periodically, there is a reveal of a man and woman who have been ousted from the game.

Monsters and Critics reported about many of these eliminations as the spoilers hit, although, at the time, there were no official details on who eliminated the competitors.

As of this writing, elimination matchups and situations have been revealed for many of the competitors who are rumored to no longer be part of All Stars 4.

That also reveals the last 12 competitors still standing for the All Stars 4 season, vying to win the show.

Read on for more spoilers regarding the upcoming fourth season of the Paramount Plus spinoff show.

The Challenge: All Stars 4 spoilers reveal the elimination matchups

Based on an online forum thread, there have been 11 individuals who left All Stars 4, most of which were due to losing an elimination matchup.

However, two competitors exited for other reasons. Based on the thread, Real World: Skeletons star Tony Raines got disqualified as he left for personal reasons, and alternate cast member Syrus Yarbrough replaced him.

Additionally, former Real World: Key West and All Stars 2 cast member Janelle Casaneve quit the show. The rumor is she left due to intense arguments that cast members got into with Ayanna Mackins. Janelle was set to take on Tina Barta in an elimination, so Tina won by forfeit.

Meanwhile, nine other players got defeated by their castmates in traditional eliminations, so they had to leave the game.

For the men, Steve Meinke eliminated Tyrie Ballard, Kefla Hare eliminated Syrus, Leroy Garrett eliminated Brandon Nelson, Kefla was eliminated by Steve, and Adam Larson eliminated Brad Fiorenza.

On the women’s side, Rachel Robinson eliminated Ayanna Mackins but then got eliminated herself by Cara Maria Sorbello. Nicole Zanatta eliminated Jasmine Reynaud, and Kam Williams eliminated Tina.

The Vevmo forum thread indicates that Kam was the most recent elimination for the women, but it’s unknown right now who eliminated the former Are You The One? star.

Who are the remaining competitors in The Challenge: All Stars 4?

With all of the players out of the game, some experienced competitors are still vying to win the prize money for All Stars 4. As mentioned above, Nicole and Cara won eliminations and are still part of the game.

Also still in the game for the women are former champion Laurel Stucky, The Real World: Portland star Averey Tressler, The Real World: Miami’s Flora Alekseyeun, and Road Rules star Veronica Portillo.

The men’s competitors include Leroy, Steve, Adam, Real World: Paris’ Ace Amerson, Fresh Meat’s Ryan Kehoe, and Real World: Cancun’s Derek Chavez.

More spoilers will likely arrive in the coming weeks about who reaches the All Stars 4 final and, ultimately, which competitor or competitors win the season.

The Challenge: All Stars 4 is TBA for Paramount Plus. The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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