The Challenge 37: Rookie Tommy Sheehan fires back after Wes Bergmann jokes about his cast photo

tommy sheehan in the challenge 37 trailer
Former Survivor winner Tommy Sheehan is amongst the rookies on The Challenge Season 37. Pic credit: MTV

After the recent unveiling of The Challenge 37 trailer and cast for Spies, Lies, & Allies, fan excitement kicked into high gear over who will appear in the upcoming season. However, there were noticeable absences that fans may have been upset about.

While the cast featured many returning Double Agents stars, some of those who weren’t back included “Killa” Kam Williams, Jay Starrett, and Wes Bergmann. Interestingly, Wes quickly pointed out that those in charge of casting may have attempted to find his replacement.

After commenting on a cast photo of The Challenge rookie Tommy Sheehan, it prompted the former Survivor star to jump into the social media frenzy and try his best to defeat Wes in a battle of memes or creative images.

Wes Bergmann jokes about Tommy Sheehan in Season 37 cast

While The Challenge: Spies, Lies, & Allies looks to bring many fan favorites back, Wes Bergmann will not be among them. Although, Wes may be implying that production has found a lower-cost version of himself based on the Season 37 cast photos.

Rookie Tommy Sheehan will be amongst the rookie contenders appearing on the upcoming season of MTV’s competition series. He was the winner of the 39th season of Survivor called Island of the Islands. Now he’ll bring his skills to The Challenge to see how he fares against other rookies and the vets.

Wes Bergmann won’t be part of this cast but is already building a potential rivalry or alliance with some humorous online jabs. He took the opportunity to troll the rookie’s cast photo, producing several online memes and side-by-side comparison jokes he shared on his Instagram Story.

“When you head to Target to get ‘Wes from The Challenge’, but you accidentally type Wal-Mart into the GPS…,” Wes posted over a Season 37 cast photo of Tommy.

“When you put your pizza rolls in the oven VS the microwave,” Wes wrote on a side-by-side comparison of him and Tommy.

“When you ask your mom for a Wes but she says you have one at home,” another hilarious photo caption reads.

Check out Wes’ various Tommy Sheehan jokes and jabs in the IG photo series below, as Wes seems to be prepping the rookie for life on social media after joining The Challenge.

The Challenge 37 rookie fires back with memes about Wes

While The Challenge rookie may have had a good chuckle over some of Wes’ Instagram comparison jabs, he didn’t shy away from going right at the two-time winner. Tommy shared several humorous photos of his own to showcase how he might be an upgrade over the longtime Challenge competitor.

“The Evolution of The Challenge Ginger,” Tommy wrote over an image showing a smaller Pokemon character with a flame on its tail evolved into a fierce, fire-breathing dragon.

In another of his Instagram Story slides, Tommy shared a classic screenshot of a scene where Challenge alum Kenny Santucci carried an injured Wes up a hill during a final. However, Tommy switched the name on Kenny’s jersey to “Tommy.”

“When MTV needs me to start carrying the Gingers,” he hilariously wrote.

Another photo shows off Wes’ infamous scene from Double Agents, where CT Tamburello tossed a shoe back into his face. It became a running joke amongst Challenge castmates and fans, producing an instant GIF and meme classic.

In the recreated image, Tommy had photoshopped his face onto CT’s head. He labeled himself as “MTV” with the shoe labeled “Better looking Ginger.” He placed the text “Wes watching the challenge” over the two-time champion in the photo.

In another funny photoshop, Tommy has himself photoshopped over someone helping an older woman in a walker. Wes’ head is photoshopped over the older woman’s head.

“In my day they called my daddy ‘Bananas’,” text over Wes’ character in the photo says.

“Sure, Wes, let’s get you to bed,” text over Tommy’s character says.

It’s hard to tell who has won this online battle just yet, as it really could keep going on for weeks, months, or years. The image comparisons are clearly there due to their facial hair and hair color. They’ve each won reality TV shows which involve some serious skill and often outwitting opponents to survive in the game.

However, Tommy enters his first Challenge season as a 28-year-old hopeful rookie. The teacher from Long Island, New York, will have some eliminations, dailies, and challenge finals to win before he might replace Wes, a two-time Challenge champ and well-known entertaining cast member.

While Wes previously revealed he wouldn’t be on Season 37 due to another project he’s involved with, he may be feeling left out now. Still, this meme war seems like good, clean fun. Viewers will soon see if Tommy Sheehan can try to fill the void left by The Challenge star, but the two may need to appear on a future season together to settle this.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies, & Allies premieres on Wednesday, August 11 at 8/7c on MTV.

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