The Challenge 36: Amber M comments on Double Agents alliance, plan to take out Tori Deal

the challenge 36 amber martinez shares details of double agents alliance and plan against tori deal
The Challenge: Double Agents rookie Amber M shared more details about Episode 5. Pic credit: MTV

In Episode 5 of The Challenge: Double Agents, Tula “Big T” Fazakerley and several rookies worked together to pull off a master plan within the house, pitting two veteran competitors and friends against each other in elimination.

Amber M was one of the featured rookies during the episode, as she and other smaller girls were fed up with being called “layups” or “weak.”

She even helped her alliance by coming up with a catchy name, the “Itty Bitty Small Committee,” as they plotted against veteran Tori Deal.

Amber shares more details about the alliance

Along with Amber M and Big T, rookies Gabby Allen and Amber Borzotra were also around for a meeting of the minds in Double Agents Episode 5. They formed a strong alliance and made a plan ahead of a daily mission, which Big T and CT Tamburello won.

Amber and her friend regularly post reaction videos on YouTube for each episode. In the latest one for Episode 5, Amber had some extra things to say about what went on.

She said that as soon as Ashley Mitchell returned to the game, it was good for their plan since Big T and Ashley are cool with each other.

Amber also mentioned that she and her teammate Mechie Harris had started talking again and that it was “awkward” during the daily mission involving that high platform over water.

She revealed that she pulled veteran Nany Gonzalez aside on the bus home from the mission, asking if she wanted to be part of the plan against Tori. According to Amber, Nany told her she was “100 percent down” for that.

Amber also shared a funny part about Big T’s celebration after winning, where she was treated like a Queen. She said Queen Big T gave everyone a job, and Amber got to be “her security guard” for the night.

During the reaction video, it’s clear Amber wasn’t happy about what Tori said in the club to Aneesa Ferreira about going against a “weak player.”

Amber M. was surprised after seeing that part and then said, “What a f*****g loser” about Tori.

Amber revealed that Tori was trying to get her to be the house vote, and Amber found out about it. That led to her confronting Tori in the club about considering her “weak.”

When watching the individuals’ votes take place and seeing Fessy’s vote for her, Amber M. commented, “the only thing you’ve done Fessy is ride Tori’s d***,” so it’s clear she may not be Fessy’s No. 1 fan.

Itty Bitty Small Committee’s plan worked

Based on Episode 5 results, it’s clear the Itty Bitty Small Committee came up with a great master plan and pulled it off effectively. The house majority vote ended up going to Aneesa and Leroy Garrett for elimination since the new alliance had the numbers on their side.

Since Big T and CT won the daily mission, they were the Double Agents. That gave them the power to volunteer to go in or send someone else into elimination. They opted to send Aneesa’s pal Tori Deal down to face her. It was another showdown featuring best friends in a Double Agents elimination.

During the new elimination event, Amber M. and others happily watched from above as Tori struggled to pull a rope to get her crate of weighted balls to tip over. Meanwhile, Aneesa jumped out to a strong lead and eventually got the win.

That gave Aneesa a Gold Skull and meant it was time for Tori to go home. “And that’s what happens when Tori comes for the smallest girl in the house,” Amber commented in her reaction video after watching Tori get eliminated.

One has to wonder what Big T, Amber M, and the rest of their alliance will have in store with their plans in the upcoming episodes.

Additionally, it should be interesting to see how the Itty Bitty Small Committee members try to get themselves Gold Skulls because they will need them to compete in TJ’s final.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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