The Bachelor’s Mara Agrait shows off her four stages of intoxication

Mara Agrait
Mara Agrait hangs out with Susie Evans. Pic credit: ABC

Mara Agrait had her share of controversy on Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor, which was mostly focused on her feud with the youngest contestant on the show, Sarah Hamrick.

The two went round and round about age and if Mara was too old for Clayton, or if Sarah was really, truly ready for marriage. Ultimately, their feud sent them both home and removed them from winning over Clayton’s heart.

However, Mara did make some great friendships with some of the other women throughout her journey on The Bachelor. In fact, she just spent time with Susie Evans, Clayton’s final winner, in Virginia Beach.

What did Mara Agrait and Susie Evans do in Virginia Beach?

Mara and Susie went out in Virginia Beach for a nice, relaxing time. They had red wine and a lot of conversation as they enjoyed each other’s company.

Mara posted four pictures to her Instagram page that Susie took of her while they were spending time together. All four photos are in a different poses, with varying facial expressions.

She then captioned the pictures, “When @susiecevans artistically captures all of the stages of my intoxication.” 1. Seductive, 2. Sleepy, 3. Happy, 4. Drunky (Not necessarily in that order). What’s your drunken night looking like?”

What did the women from Clayton Echard’s season have to say about Mara’s photos?

Susie Evans, Kira Mengistu, and Genevieve Parisi all commented back to Mara on the post. Susie, Mara’s photographer for the night, declared, “I love this so much!!! You are so stunning [three heart-faced emojis].”

Kira stated, “What I would give to be sitting across from that right now [sad, crying face emoji] anyways miss you!!!!”

Genevieve wrote two separate posts. In the first one she said, “Miss my drinking buddy especially at noon when we’d be the first at the bar,” and her second post was her own stages of intoxication, as she claimed, “My drunken night looks happy, drunk, asleep.”

Instagram comments
Pic credit: @agreat_mara/Instagram

What did other Bachelor Nation fans say?

Some other Bachelor Nation fans also took to Mara’s photos and comment section with their own thoughts. One wrote, “Mara you are truly a classy Woman with a incredible mind and thought process! I really was in your corner while watching you on the Bachelor! You deserve the very best! And I hope you find it!”

Two others also loved Mara’s look, as they commented on how gorgeous Mara is all of the time.

Pic credit: @agreat_mara/Instagram

While Mara and Sarah may not have gotten along for much of the show due to Sarah’s cougar comment at the roast, and Sarah playing some of the other women in the house, it looks like Mara left the show with plenty of friends still.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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