The Bachelor’s Clayton Echard reveals which of his contestants should go to Bachelor in Paradise

Clayton Echard
Clayton Echard tells Bachelor Nation who he would like to see on BIP from his season. Pic credit: ABC

Clayton Echard, the current Bachelor, is nearing the end of his season. He has narrowed his search for love down to three girls: Rachel Recchia, Susie Evans, and Gabby Windey.

Despite sending them home, Clayton revealed he would like to see several of his contestants find love on Bachelor in Paradise this summer.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 will premiere this summer 2022, and Clayton would love to see two women in particular from his season on the show.

Who did Clayton Echard say he would want to see on Bachelor in Paradise from his season?

Clayton dished on who he would like to see go to Paradise this summer and who his friends are particularly interested in.

“I think so highly of Serene and Teddi…I think they’re going to be incredibly sought after as they go there. Those two are gonna have their hands full. I think they’re both incredible women,” He told the Click Bait podcast.

Clayton went on to state, “They’re going to be in over their heads but in the best possible way because they’re gonna have a lot of guys that are gonna be interested in talking to them.”

He even said that he personally knows several men who would love to have a chance with both Serene and Teddi on the show.

Apparently, the men from Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette still do quite a bit of talking, and both Serene and Teddi’s names have come up more than once in their conversations. Thus, co-host Natasha couldn’t help but wonder which men Clayton was referring to.

Which of Clayton Echard’s friends are interested in his contestants?

She asked Clayton if he had been trying to play “matchmaker” for any of the women from his season. He responded with, “I talk to Brandon the most, but I also talk to Rodney. They all reach out from time to time. Even some of these guys have just reached out once and asked, ‘Hey, how’s so-and-so?’ So those two, Serene and Teddi, are typically in the conversation most times.”

Clayton also declared that while he’d love to try and set up his friends with those two women, or others, he also realized he needed to take a step back and let whatever happens happen on its own.

What will happen in the end of Clayton Echard’s season?

As Clayton goes into the last two weeks of his season of The Bachelor, fans are speculating on what is going to happen. According to Mike Fleiss, The Bachelor creator, and Jesse Palmer, this season’s host, this season is spoiler-proof.

While Reality Steve has found out a couple of things about the last two weeks of the season, he still has not released what exactly happens in the final episode, who Clayton ends up with, or if he is alone to this day.

Stay tuned next week and the week after for the finale to find out what happens with Clayton, his final rose, and his future in the love department. To listen to the full podcast of Click Bait with Bachelor Nation, featuring Clayton Echard, click here.

The Bachelor airs Mondays 8/7c on ABC.

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