The Bachelorette: Viewers have surprising ideas regarding who should win Katie Thurston’s season

katie thurston
Viewers of Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette appear to be divided as to which of her suitors should win the season. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette viewers have come to their own conclusions about which of Katie Thurston’s four remaining suitors should be declared the winner of this season.

The final four men are in the running to win the season are Blake Moynes, Greg Grippo, Justin Glaze, and Michael Allio.

Fans appear to be divided as to whom of these final four suitors should ask Katie to be their wife.

A post from an Instagram fansite dedicated to the goings-on of Bachelor nation posted photos of the four men. They wrote in the caption of their post that the winner of the season is typically picked from the final four contestants.

The caption then asked fans which of these four finalists they believed would be husband material for Katie.

Their answers were quite surprising and ranged from one of the men seen in the photos to past favorites who were previously eliminated earlier this season on The Bachelorette.

Who do viewers think will win Katie Thurston’s heart?

Viewer answers as to whom Katie will accept a ring from this season were as varied as the men themselves, who all bring different qualities to the table. Katie’s decision will come to which man she can picture standing by her side through life.

All of these dynamic individuals are exceptional in their own way, but only one can take home the ultimate prize, Katie as their fiancee.

“Michael A! Give him the Emily Maynard treatment and film in Ohio so he doesn’t have to be away from his son! It can work!” wrote one fan.

bachelor fans
Fans of The Bachelorette have spoken out as to whom they would like to win this season of the series. Their answers varied from current contestants to those no longer on the series. Pic credit: @bachelornationscoop/Instagram

“None! Andrew!” penned a second fan who appeared to pine for the return of recently eliminated contestant Andrew Spencer.

“Greggggg,” claimed a third fan, who joined many viewers who are hopeful that he will be the man for Katie in the end.

A fourth Instagram user had a completely different take on which of the men should win the series.

bachelor fans
One fan had a completely different perspective on who should win this season of the series. Pic credit: @bachelornationscoop/Instagram

“Bachelor would be too hard on Michael but he’s my fave. And for the rest, none are bachelor material. And that’s probably the editing we didn’t get to see much of their personalities,” a fourth fan claimed.

Katie faces heartbreak before hometowns

Katie will face heartbreak once again before her hometown dates.

She wept openly after sending Andrew Spencer home during the series July 19 episode and chased after him upon his return to say a more heartfelt goodbye.

Rumor has it that it will be Greg Grippo who will face the music after the couple has a heated conversation about the state of their relationship. Greg wants assurance that he will be the one for Katie, something that, at this point in the competition, she cannot provide to him.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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