The Bachelorette spoilers: Reality Steve spills the tea on Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes

blake moynes katie thurston
Katie Thurston talks to Blake Moynes on The Bachelorette. Reality Steve thinks they were more in contact then they let on. Pic credit: ABC

Reality Steve has shared his views on the relationship between Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes in a new blog post.

The king of Bachelor Nation spoilers has revealed that there are certain things between the couple that fans should keep an eye out for.

He also alluded that Katie and Blake may have been in more contact than just the DM she claimed he sent her after she was eliminated during Matt James’ Bachelor season.

During the June 28 episode of the ABC reality dating series, Katie revealed that Blake commended her on her “bold personality” and offered his friendship in the message,

She did not think this was odd as once a cast member is booted off the show, they are allowed to contact one another.

After speaking to Blake, he revealed his intentions. “I wish that I could have met you in another circumstance,” he told her. “This is the last place I want to do this. The risk of this going terribly and me looking like a complete idiot is high, but the reward is so much greater than that risk for me. I would regret (it) forever if I didn’t do this.”  

Katie responds to Blake’s statement by asking him to stay

Katie responded to Blake’s statement of intent by asking him to stay on and allow her to learn more about him.

I have to really follow my gut. Given where things are at and how I’m feeling, if you want to stay I’d like you to join and see if this becomes something if that interests you.” 

This storyline will move forward throughout the season as Blake competes for face-time with Katie against the other men who have already been with her throughout four aired episodes thus far.

Reality Steve shared his views on Katie and Blake

katie and blake
Katie embraces Blake after asking him to stay on to join her in a journey to love on The Bachelorette. Pic credit: ABC

It has been rumored that by the end of the series, Blake seals his feelings for Katie with a ring.

“So essentially while the show made you think that Katie didn’t meet Blake on-set until after the intervention and Michael’s 1-on-1 happened, that’s not the case. She already knew Blake was there and had spoken to him before any of this ‘week’s’ dates had happened,” Reality Steve explained.

“Now the question becomes, how much do you believe of their story in regards to any pre-show relationship? She admitted last night (and in pre-season interviews) that Blake had slid into her DM’s when he saw her on Matt’s season. Katie admitted that at that moment speaking with Tayshia, Blake was 1 of 2 guys she thought Tayshia might be talking about,” Steve said in a blog post.

Reality Steve knows that the most important thing for The Bachelorette viewers, or at least the biggest hope, is to see the lead fall in love and then follow the relationship after the engagement takes place at the finale.

“This relationship, and all the end-of-season relationships, don’t start until the cameras are off anyway. A majority of this show’s audience watches in hopes of seeing a love story and an engagement at the end. And they’ll see it this season. If you’re gonna push back on the semantics of how they got there, just seems like a waste of breath. They’re either gonna make it or they aren’t,” he concluded.

Let’s hope they make it.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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