The Bachelorette spoilers: Reality Steve reveals which woman will be revealed on GMA

The Bachelorette
Everyone wants to know who is going to be next on The Bachelorette. Pic credit: ABC

As Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor winds down, it’s time to start focusing on who will be next on The Bachelorette. The big reveal is coming on Monday morning but Reality Steve has already announced which woman from Bachelor Nation is about to take the spotlight for the next several months.

While many are hoping someone like Kelsey Weier gets picked next for The Bachelorette, it doesn’t look like that is how things are going to play out.

Instead, it looks like a Bachelor veteran may actually be taking over instead.

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Reality Steve spills The Bachelorette spoilers

With just days before the big reveal, Reality Steve claims to have the inside scoop on who is next up for The Bachelorette and as we all know, he is rarely wrong.

Reality Steve says the next woman on The Bachelorette will be Clare Crawley and he seems to be pretty sure of it.

“Monday morning on GMA, Clare Crawley will be named the ‘Bachelorette,'” Reality Steve wrote on Twitter on Saturday morning.

We still don’t know who Peter Weber picks at the end of The Bachelor but, despite ABC’s best efforts to keep things quiet, we’ve already learned who will be taking over on The Bachelorette.

In defense of Clare Crawley

Reality Steve didn’t stop at just announcing Clare Crawley as the next Bachelorette either. He’s defending her place at the top of Bachelor Nation since she’s been involved in the franchise since Season 18 when she came in second place while trying to win over Juan Pablo.

Clare has also appeared on two seasons of Bachelor In Paradise and had a short stint on Winter Games too.

And while many might be wondering why not pick someone who has been around more recently, Reality Steve is confident that Clare Crawley would make a great Bachelorette. Not only is she passionate and emotional, as he pointed out, but she’s also got a lot of spunk and she’s not going to back down if something happens that she doesn’t like.

This would make Clare the oldest woman on The Bachelorette at 38 years old. She’ll turn 39 during filming. This news should be exciting for many Bachelor fans who have been calling for older contestants and even called out Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor because many of the women cast this time around were just so young.

When it comes to the men who are being cast alongside Clare Crawley, it looks like she’ll have a pretty good chance of ending up with a younger man.

This could be a very interesting season of The Bachelorette, indeed!

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