The Bachelorette spoilers: Leaked photo of Katie Thurston from After The Final Rose hints at ending

Katie Thurston crosses her hands outdoors
Katie Thurston gives a revealing pose in a leaked photo. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette Season 17 is nearing the finish line which means more and more spoilers and speculations are surfacing regarding who Katie ends up with and if she’s still currently engaged. 

Bachelor Nation may have just received major insight into the current status of Katie’s relationship due to a leaked photo that appears to have since been deleted.

Katie Thurston may currently be a fiancee  

Thanks to a telling behind-the-scenes photo with Katie and fellow cohosts Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe, many fans feel confident that Katie gets engaged at the end of her season and is still engaged during the filming of After The Final Rose. 

While the photo provides a huge spoiler, the revealing part of the picture is so small that it could easily go unnoticed. However, Bachelor Nation has a keen eye and a fan quickly spotted Katie wearing a telling piece of jewelry. 

In the photo, Katie poses and places her left hand on her hip. Observant fans were able to quickly spot a shining diamond ring on Katie’s wedding finger, leading them to excitedly believe that Katie is still engaged at the time of the photo. 

Along with the revealing photo, several typically credible spoiler sources have claimed that Katie gets engaged by the finale and has remained engaged since filming wrapped. 

The anticipation of whether Katie gets engaged or not is often a big drawing point for viewers to tune into the finale, and so this photo that possibly confirms her relationship status seems to have been understandably removed from its original platform.

Katie teases that the ending may surprise fans 

As Katie gets ready for the hometown dates with her final men, she appears to have a genuine interest in all four and has been vocal about believing that her husband is within this group. 

Many fans believe they already know the man that Katie will be engaged to at the end of her journey, however, Katie has warned viewers to not believe every spoiler they hear because there are more surprises in store. 

Her warning has proved right so far, especially with Andrew Spencer shockingly going home after initially being expected to make it into Katie’s top four. While the ring on Katie’s finger is certainly a strong sign that Katie finds a fiancé among this group, it remains to be seen which man ends up proposing to the bold brunette Bachelorette. 

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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