The Bachelorette rumors: Here’s why Hannah Ann Sluss was at the La Quinta resort this summer

Hannah Ann Sluss
Hannah Ann Sluss was asked to be at the Bachelorette resort to throw people off. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor star Hannah Ann Sluss was the final contestant on Peter Weber’s season.

Peter ended up proposing to Hannah during the finale but he broke up with her in follow-up scenes weeks after their engagement.

It was clear to viewers that Peter wanted to propose to Madison Prewett, but she eliminated herself after learning that he had slept with the other women on his Fantasy Suite dates.

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Peter appeared to propose to make everyone happy and give viewers a proposal and an engagement.

And after the show wrapped and Hannah was single, she was linked with a few NFL players.

Hannah Ann Sluss was supposedly at the resort to throw people off

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Hannah was spotted at the La Quinta Resort in California while Clare Crawley was filming the show.

Fans were confused as to why she was there, but fans guessed she was there to host a date as Wells Adams was on set as well to bartend for everyone.

Now, a source has revealed she was supposedly on the set to throw off the people who were trying to spoil the season.

“Why Hannah Ann was at La Quinta during Bachelorette filming,” read the added caption from @bachelorteaspill to the screenshot.

“I was told by someone that works on the show it was strictly to throw off the media and people leaking info,” read a message that appears to have been sent as a text message.

The text message also asked that the source be kept anonymous.

Hannah Ann
Pic credit: @bachelorteaspill/Instagram

Hannah herself has never talked about why she was at the resort and she has never shared any photos or videos from her time there.

Hannah Ann Sluss has revealed she doesn’t want to date Peter Weber

After she was dumped by Peter Weber, Hannah was quick to slam Peter. He tried to make things work with Madison Prewett but after 48 hours, they quickly realized that it wasn’t going to be them.

Then, Peter was spotted in Chicago with Kelley Flanagan and both Hannah and Madison were surprised.

Since then, Hannah told Chris Harrison that she wouldn’t want to give Peter a second chance on The Bachelor: The Greatest Season — Ever.

Kelley was furious with Hannah’s statements, saying she should stop talking about Peter now that he had moved on.

Hannah has revealed that she believed she and Peter could have made it work, even though they weren’t perfect for each other.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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