Kelley Flanagan appears angry after Chris Harrison brings up Peter with Madison and Hannah

Kelley Flanagan
Kelley Flanagan isn’t happy about Hannah Ann talking about Peter Weber again. Pic credit: ABC

Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber made an appearance on last week’s episode of The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever, during which they finally announced that they were a couple to anyone who hadn’t read the news online.

Their interview was short and sweet, and they confirmed that they are happy and healthy in California.

This week, Chris Harrison interviewed two more stars from Peter’s season – Madison Prewett and Hannah Ann.

He had some questions for the ladies about Peter, but Kelley didn’t think it was a good idea to revisit the past.

After the interview aired, Kelley took to social media to vent her frustration.

Kelley Flanagan isn’t happy about Hannah Ann’s interview with Chris Harrison

During the interview, Chris asked both Hannah if she would ever consider giving him a second chance after everything they went through on The Bachelor with him.

As it turns out, Hannah has moved on. She asked Chris who Peter was, as if to say that she has completely moved on and forgotten all about him.

Kelley and Peter
Hannah Ann distances herself from Peter Weber again. Pic credit: @bachelorteaspill/Instagram

She also said that she hadn’t given much thought to what happened on The Bachelor. Instead, she has been trying to get back in the dating game.

Kelley wasn’t happy about the conversation. On her own Instagram, she posted a story talking about how she thinks it’s time to move on.

Kelley Flanagan isn't happy
Kelley Flanagan doesn’t appear happy with Hannah Ann on The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever! Pic credit: @bachelorteaspill/Instagram

“Why are these disrespectful questions still being asked? The past is the past, let’s let everyone move on in peace,” Kelley wrote.

Kelley doesn’t seem too sympathetic with what Hannah and Madison went through as the final two on Peter’s season. Peter proposed to Hannah during the finale and she thought everything was fine.

But Peter dumped Hannah on the finale and then tried to pursue a relationship with Madison. When that didn’t work out, he began dating Kelley.

Kelley Flanagan was best friends with Madison Prewett

It was later revealed that Madison felt a bit betrayed when she saw that Peter and Kelley were in quarantine together. She found out on her birthday.

Madison has said that she and Kelley were best friends on The Bachelor and she feels that Kelley’s relationship with Peter is a stab in the back.

She also revealed that she relied on Kelley as a support system after she returned home from Australia and that Peter reached out to her just two days before he was spotted in Chicago.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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Rosemary J Bonello
Rosemary J Bonello
3 years ago

Kelley: You take the bitter with the sweet. You signed a contract and so did Hannah Ann and Madison. You are a lawyer, you should know that ANC has a right to ask any question at any time in any venue. Imagine how Madison felt at the finale when Barb lambasted her. You didn’t have any problem with how she was treated. I’m guessing you had been seeing Peter before he even broke things off with Hannah Ann. That didn’t bother you either. Peter’s excuse for breaking up with Hannah Ann was that they didn’t challenge each other enough. Pretty similar refrain that you quoted after you were sent home. Kind of coincidental that you remained in California after filming instead of going home to Chicago. So, in conclusion you don’t care when you are in the spotlight having everything benefit you but you don’t like it when someone else is asked uncomfortable questions. Suck it up as I’m sure this is not the end of your problems.