Hannah Ann believes she and Peter Weber could have made marriage work, admits they were not right for each other

Hannah Ann
Hannah Ann speaks out about Peter Weber. Pic credit: ABC

Hannah Ann Sluss is speaking out after her time on The Bachelor.

Fans fell in love with Hannah on the show because she was open, honest, and fun. In fact, Peter Weber even gave her the first impression rose on the show.

But it was after the finale and how she handled herself as Peter broke up with her and chose to pursue a relationship with Madison Prewett that things changed.

Hannah and Madison both stood up for themselves, saying that Peter was wrong in leading them on and making them think they were meant to be.

Hannah added that he should never have proposed to her if he had feelings for Madison.

Hannah Ann says she and Peter Weber could have made it work

Now, Hannah is reflecting on her time on the show, and she feels that she and Peter could have made it work if they had the chance.

“I feel like I’m on my third life now. Prior to the show was one life and then the show was my second life, being engaged included, and now I’m on my third life living in Los Angeles, being single and kind of just making the most out of this new life,” Hannah told US Weekly about her love life.

“It’s just it’s truly been crazy. To think that I was like, engaged, probably getting married this fall, it just blows my mind. I’m like, ‘Oh, thank you, Lord!'”

Based on her comments, it seems like she’s thankful that it didn’t work out. Now, she couldn’t imagine herself planning a wedding. And yet, she believes she could have made it work with Peter.

“I think if we would have made it through, you know, the first year, I think we would have made it. I don’t know; I think that’s just me being positive,” Hannah explains.

“The show is just really stressful, especially having to watch all that back. I feel like we would have made it through that, we would have definitely gotten married and made it through it because we both have family values, but I think sometimes it’s not about meeting the right person, sometimes it’s about the right time and place.”

Hannah pointed out that they were not made for each other, and they didn’t meet at the right time. Everything was stacked against them.

Hannah Ann’s dating life has been in the press since The Bachelor

In her US Weekly interview, Hannah also explains that she’s single, but if the right guy comes along, she’d be willing to explore it.

After The Bachelor, Hannah started talking about possibly dating a mystery man during the quarantine. She was linked to two NFL players, but she never confirmed whether she was dating them exclusively.

She recently spent time in Los Angeles with Peter’s final contestants – Madison, Victoria, and Kelsey Weier.

But one thing is for sure. Hannah isn’t dating Nick Viall. Nick recently spoke out about Hannah, saying that they are friends but have no plans to date. He added that he appears finished dating within the franchise.

The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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