The Bachelorette Red Wine Recap: An unexpected Michael A. turn of events

The Bachelorette Katie Thurston on date with Michael A.
And just like that, Michael A. became the total frontrunner for Katie’s heart on last night’s episode of The Bachelorette. Pic credit: ABC

Monsters and Critics columnist Liz Long recaps The Bachelorette, Season 17, Episode 3, with a little help from a glass of pinot (or two) …

Hello my loves – I am feeling in quite the lovey-dovey mood after last night’s episode of The Bachelorette. You see, we had what I’m calling – an unexpected Michael A. turn of events.

This guy wasn’t exactly on my radar … until now. And not only is he on my radar, but I’m feeling like he is “the one” for our girl Katie.

Also, I feel comfortable in now referring to Katie as “our girl” because not only is she winning over the hearts of these men one by one, but with each passing episode, she is winning over mine.

Tonight, she listened to her crew of men who pointed out the bad seed that was Karl. She gave single dad Michael the one-on-one, AND, she got real vulnerable herself in the “trust exercise” with Nick Viall. (When Nick became the accountability expert, I do not know – but this is The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise and we are about to have David Spade hosting Paradise so who am I to judge.)

So, without further ado, let’s look at the good (Michael & Katie), the bad (Thomas), and the ugly (now I’m not that mean but if I had to name names – it would be Connor B.’s kissing skills).

Katie is blown away by Michael A. (and so am I)

Katie Thurston and Michael A on The Bachelorette
I like everything you’re saying, Michael. Now shut up and kiss me. Pic credit: ABC

So I’m just going to jump right into this date with Katie and Michael. Up until this point, Greg Grippo (it’s only natural to call him by his first and last name) was our frontrunner. Now, I think it’s safe to say it’s Michael A.

How did we get here? Who is Michael A.? And who even is the other Michael, making us refer to this one as “Michael A.”?

I’ll tell ya who Michael A. is. He is the guy who went on a one-on-one date with Katie, and by the end of it, she was a blubbering mess … in the best way possible.

Katie Thurston cries on The Bachelorette
I’m just overcome with so many emotions, Liz! Pic credit: ABC

Michael started creeping right into Katie’s heart during the day portion of their date (hanging out in a barren field of tumbleweeds because that’s apparently the only thing to do at this “resort”).

He started by telling her that for him, going on this show was a “pause to invest” in himself because his son deserves the happiest dad. THEN, he told her “they say this ends with an engagement, but it actually begins at an engagement.” That had Katie right there (“I love that!” she said). And you could tell she genuinely did.

He calls her “special” and finds something “oddly comforting and familiar” about her – asks to kiss her – to which has already pulled him in with an “absa-f**kin-lutely!”

Now if you didn’t watch the episode, this might sound like a bunch of phony baloney – but believe you me – there is nothing phony baloney about either of these two – making this a love connection I am 100 percent rooting for.

Katie Thruston and Michael A kiss on The Bachelorette
You get your girl, Michael A. Pic credit: ABC

As if this all wasn’t enough, Michael pours his heart out to Katie over their “dinner” and tells the story about how he fell in love with his wife, Laura, how they had their son, James, and how Laura got breast cancer.

You guys, I’m not going to even lie – I was crying like a little baby. The way he told this story. When he described how they traveled “aimlessly across the nation” searching for a cure – after her hair began falling out – he captivated me.

Katie was also captivated – she was overcome with emotions – sadness for his story – but excitement as well seeing how much love Michael is capable of.

Katie assures him she finds his love story with Laura a beautiful one and mentions she would not be intimated while Michael assures her that their love would be unique in their own way and that it is “his job” to make sure she knows that.

The thing that just blew me away the most was Katie’s unrestrained reaction in her confessional and how completely overcome she was at the thought of her and Michael’s love story.

“I have no doubt that if it’s me and Michael at the end of this, this would be a forever love.”

I mean is there anything more to write?

Ah, sure there is.

United we stand – toolbag we fall

Mike P tells Katie that Karl is the bad guy on The Bachelorette
Katie, all the men stand behind me (literally) when I tell you – you need to send Karl home. Pic credit: ABC

So “Katie’s guys” are reminding me a bit of Clare’s/Tayshia’s guys in that they are clearly a good bunch of dudes who can bond.

Last night, the guys all formed a “united front” to protect their “Queen” Katie. At the rose ceremony, our Virgin Resident boldly told her, “we stand as a unit, to protect your heart and what Karl is saying isn’t the truth.”

That was enough for Katie, and Karl, the man who shadowboxes alone, was out the door. Sure, he was an easy out, but now what are we going to do about that “clown” from the Stephen King novels? You know … Thomas?

At least that’s how one of my personal favorites, Aaron, described him.

Aaron calls out Thomas on The Bachelorette
Get this clown out of here, demands our vigilant insurance broker, Aaron. Pic credit: ABC

Aaron’s “sociopath” radar began going off about Thomas during the trust circle with Nick. All the guys cried, Katie talked about consent, and Thomas? Well, he talked about how he would be fine discussing all of his “red flags” – but, at the end of the day, he really didn’t admit to any.

It wasn’t until Hunter and the rest of the men held Thomas’s feet to the fire and asked him – are you here because you wanted to be the next Bachelor?

“I’m not going to talk about that” said Thomas, and, then in the next breath – “okay, so, yeah, that thought crossed my mind.”

I mean, this thought probably crossed all the guys minds (with the exception of pure Michael A. and possibly fumbling little lovable Connor B. the cat.) But Thomas is the D-Bag who admitted it. Coupled with the fact he’s vapid behind the eyes – he’s the next who has to go.

So though Thomas is still here and Katie is sort of falling for his B.S., the writing is on the wall and I have a feeling he will be singing his swan song next week. (Katie is too good to keep him around any longer.)

So that about does it for the highlights, my friends. Next week, we have a little more Thomas drama to get through, but I’m confident in “our girl.” Blake Moynes also makes his comeback, and I – your once snarky recapper – remain hopeful that we will continue seeing “real love” unfold in this crazy world we call The Bachelorette.

The Bachelorette airs Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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