The Bachelorette: Katie Thurston’s season preview teases shirtless men, tears, drama and a cat

Katie Thurston films for The Bachelorette
Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette promises sexy, crazy and drama. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette premiere is just weeks away and Katie Thurston’s season looks just as dramatic and scandalous as ever.

The official Bachelorette twitter account dropped the season’s first preview on Monday.

The trailer gets kicked off with a bang as one of the contestants jumps out of a gigantic present box.

The trailer then cuts to a shocked Katie exclaiming, “Oh my god!” Considering the different settings, it’s safe to say that Katie is not reacting to the present box leaving fans to wonder what she is so shocked about.

Viewers then see a glimpse of three of the men who are there to win Katie’s heart step out of the limo.

This season’s hosts, Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe, then declare, “Let the journey begin.”

The trailer then promises there will be plenty of eye candy this season as the words “come back to the sexy” scroll across the screen.

This is paired with Katie’s men shirtless, decked out in cowboy hats. Katie has been dubbed “the sex-positive Bachelorette” and seemingly doesn’t disappoint as she scrubs down one of the shirtless men.

She’s then seen kissing one of the men. While the smooch scrolls by quickly, it appears she’s locking lips with David so he may be a top contender.

Come back for ‘the crazy’

The trailer then promises, as with all seasons, there will be plenty of “crazy.”

While one man drives to meet Katie in an RV, another pops out of the limo in a full-on cat costume. Katie buys into the joke calling his costume “purrfect.”

Then one contestant, who probably won’t make it too far, walks in with a sex doll, proclaiming, “What’s up, boys?”

Just a tip, if you enter The Bachelorette more like it’s a bachelor party, you’re probably “here for the wrong reasons.”

Landon aptly toasts to two of the other men, “Cheers to not being that guy.”

Buckle up for ‘the drama’

Yes, as with every season, there will be tears. The first tears shed during the promo come from Katie herself.

This season, some of the men also embrace their sensitive side, which we love to see.

The trailer cuts to several of the men crying as “drama” is spelt out across the screen.

Katie is then seen given the infamous “here for the right reasons” speech that is given at least once a season.

She declares, “If you are not here for the right reasons, here’s the door.”

She’s wearing the same outfit that she’s in while she was crying earlier in the trailer, so it looks like that one particular episode will be quite eventful.

Viewers will have to wait until The Bachelorette airs to see the drama unfold, or curious fans can see who makes it to the top four here.

The Bachelorette premieres on Monday, June 7 at 8/7c on ABC.

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