The Bachelorette: He received Katie’s final rose of the evening but who is Brendan Scanzano?

Brendan Scanzano on The Bachelorette
Who is Brendan Scanzano on The Bachelorette? Pic credit: ABC

He’s made it to Katie Thurston’s final seven on The Bachelorette but viewers are dying to know more about contestant Brendan Scanzano.

While he hasn’t had much screen time, he’s clearly formed a strong connection with Katie as he earned her final rose of the evening during last night’s episode.

It was an emotional night for Bachelor Nation as we all said goodbye to fan-favorite Connor B. and Katie made the bold decision to eliminate four other guys along with him; Aaron, James, Tre, and Hunter.

Katie made it clear that she was done dealing with the drama and thought it was only fair to focus her attention on the men she had truly formed a strong connection with and continue to explore their relationships.

While some of the men such as Blake, and Michael A. receiving a rose was no shock to viewers, several people were shocked to hear Katie call Brendan’s name.

There is a lot that fans still don’t know about the mystery man.

Who is Brendan Scanzano on Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette?

His big hair isn’t the only impressive thing about Brendan.

The 26-year-old works as a firefighter trainee in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

He’s described in his cast bio as someone who lives “life to the fullest.”

Brendan admitted that he’s not a great dancer but will not shy away from a night out on the dance floor. While dancing may not be his forte, he is fairly athletic and is a hockey goalie in a local league at home.

He’s adventurous but prefers to keep things organized and tidy. He is hoping to find someone to settle down with who is able to participate in “good back and forth banter” and he “hopes to take the love of his life swimming with sharks” someday.

Fans had comical reactions to Brendan receiving Katie Thurston’s final rose of the evening

Due to Brendan’s lack of air time so far, several viewers took to Twitter with some funny memes when they heard his name called.

Brendan even jumped in at one point as one fan commented that they were shocked every time he got a rose.

Brendan replied, “I’m Canadian. I do not produce or edit the show. I’m a good dude.”

The fan responded, “Aw man, of course you are! I know screen time doesn’t always match up with actual experiences on the show. I’m sure you’re awesome and no disrespect intended.”

To which Brendan said, “All love [heart emoji] appreciate you.”

Brendan replies to a fan who didn't know who he was
Brendan replies to a fan who didn’t know who he was Pic credit: @BridgidA1/@brendanscanzano/Twitter

Brendan seems like a pretty nice guy based on his reaction to fans not really knowing who he was.

Bachelor Nation is sure to get a better idea of who Brendan is and what his connection with Katie is like now that he is one of only seven men who remain on this season.

Fans should tune in to next week’s episode to learn more about the aspiring firefighter.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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