The Bachelorette: Dale Moss posts tribute to late mother ahead of Mother’s Day

Dale Moss on The Bachelorette
Dale Moss posts tribute to his late mother ahead of Mother’s Day. Pic credit: ABC

As Mother’s Day approaches, The Bachelorette’s Dale Moss is paying tribute to his late mother.

Dale’s mother, Delores passed away in 2017 after battling issues with her health.

In the past, Dale has shared that his mother played a role in molding him into the person he is today.

In a previous social media post, he shared how the loss of this mother was “earth-shattering” for him and his family.

He said, “As a family our entire core was centered around my mother we had two options on how to handle her loss.”

He continued, “Selfishly mourn the loss of what we physically did not have or collectively give thanks for God’s blessing off allowing us all to experience unconditional love, countless memories and lessons that have shaped us and will positively effect others long after we are gone.”

Now, as Dale gets ready to spend another Mother’s Day without his mom, he’s paid tribute to her on Instagram.

Dale Moss posts tribute to his late mother ahead of Mother’s Day

Dale shared a photo of his mother standing along the water.

He captioned the post, “Never a day a don’t miss seeing you smile. Thank you for giving me the purest love I could ever know. Till my last breath.~ 05/07/17.”

Several fans commented to share their support for Dale.

One follower admitted that losing a loved one is never easy and sent their love his way.

Fans share their support
Fans share their support. Pic credit: @amygray77/Instagram

Another reminded him that he has a special angel watching over him but acknowledged how difficult holidays such as Mother’s Day could be under the given circumstances.

Fans share their support
Fans share their support. Pic credit: @

Other fans complimented Dale’s mother and noted how beautiful she was.

Fans show their support
Fans show their support. Pic credit: @jennmcdorman/Instagram

Dale’s mom never had an opportunity to meet Clare Crawley

Dale’s mom was not around to see him star on Season 16 of The Bachelorette, where he met Clare Crawley.

The couple became engaged and left the show together after only knowing one another for 12 days.

Their engagement didn’t last as Dale said he felt things were moving too fast.

Clare was devastated by the breakup and was caught off-guard when Dale shared a “mutual” breakup post on social media. She told fans that she found out about the breakup at the same time as everyone else did.

Despite the rough patch they hit, the former couple has been spotted spending a lot of time together recently. They haven’t seemed to care whether everyone knew it either.

The future of their relationship remains to be seen, but things appear to be going well based on social media.

As Dale spends another Mother’s Day without his mom, his future continues to look bright.

The Bachelorette returns Monday, June 7 at 8/7c on ABC.

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