The Bachelorette: Dale Moss on hand to celebrate Clare Crawley’s 40th birthday

Clare Crawley meets Dale Moss on The Bachelorette.
Are Clare Crawly and Dale Moss celebrating Clare’s 40th birthday together? Pic credit: ABC

Former Bachelorette lead Clare Crawley celebrated a milestone birthday with her pick, former Bachelor contestant Dale Moss.

Clare claimed to have felt an instantaneous connection with Dale and quit the show with him after only a few episodes into filming. The two got engaged and moved in together after leaving the show.

Dale recently shocked fans, and Clare herself, when he announced that he and Clare had broken up. Clare was reportedly blindsided and devastated by his announcement.

Around a month later, the two were spotted in public together again.

The two have been spotted spending time together frequently since. Now the two have even taken a trip to Napa, California together to celebrate Clare’s 40th birthday.

Proof that Clare and Dale are vacationing together in Napa

Clare uploaded an Instagram post to celebrate the special occasion.

“My heart is so full…Thank you to everyone who reached out and filled my birthday with love!”

Some of that birthday love likely came from Dale.

While neither has publicly admitted to vacationing with each other, they both have uploaded vacation snapshots to their Instagram story. The pictures look like they came from the same hotel room and had the same luxurious view.

Additionally, Dale has admitted in his story that he is in Napa where Clare’s birthday festivities are taking place.

“Forgot how much I enjoyed wine country,” Dale captioned his story.

In the video, Dale clinks his wine glass with someone across the table, likely Clare, as he declares, “I have fallen in love with Napa.”

Could Napa be code for Clare?

Dale Moss posted about Napa in his Instagram story.
Dale Moss posted about Napa in his Instagram story. Pic credit: Instagram/@dalemoss13

Clare and Dale are dating but are not ready to hop back into engagement

ET confirms that Dale planned the special trip to celebrate her 40th birthday. A source claims that he wanted to make it a special day for her despite the coronavirus pandemic.

The two meant for the trip to be a secret getaway but it looks like the cat’s out of the bag.

The source claims that they wanted to keep the trip a secret because they are trying to rekindle their relationship but are taking things slow.

“The two are dating each other exclusively but are taking things slow and seeing where they go,” the source explains.

The source also reveals that they have been able to work past the sudden breakup but are not ready to be an engaged couple once again just yet.

“Now that the dust has settled, they’re able to see things more clearly,” the source continues. “They love and respect each other and are working on their relationship, but they are not about to jump back into an engagement.”

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus at ABC.