The Bachelorette: Blake defends going on the show to compete against ‘life long’ friend Brendan

Blake Moynes and Brendan Quinn
Blake Moynes reacts to Bachelorette viewers who are criticizing him for going on the show knowing his “life long” friend would be there. Pic credit: @brendanscanzano/Twitter

While Bachelor Nation is known for being a small world in which everyone knows everyone, it may be even truer for lifelong friends and Bachelorette contestants Blake Moynes and Brendan Scanzano.

Both men were featured on Katie’s season of The Bachelorette. Brendan was there from night one while Blake came in partway through the season.

Their past was never explained on the show so viewers were confused when Brendan went to Blake for consolation after he was sent home rather than the other guys that he would’ve theoretically known longer.

Following the episode, Brendan issued a tweet explaining that he and Blake go way back.

“Life long friendship on and off the ice with this guy…He is awesome and like a brother to me. Guess we had to address the elephant in the room,” Brendan tweeted along with a picture of him and Blake.

He also used hashtags involving Canada to show that’s where they both grew up.

Bachelorette viewers are mad that Blake broke bro code

While some viewers were satisfied to learn about the truth, others became more concerned.

Critics felt that Blake violated bro code by joining The Bachelorette knowing that his “life long” friend was already on the show and that they’d be competing for the same woman, Katie Thurston.

One user asked, “If you guys are [life] long friends then why did Blake go on the show knowing you were already there? That seems pretty crappy to me.”

Since the tweet was seemingly addressed to Blake, Blake took the opportunity to defend himself.

Blake took to sarcasm to shut down the troll.

“They call me c**kblock Blake,” he wrote.

Blake seemed to blow off the issue — probably because he knew Brendan wasn’t holding a grudge against him for it.

And Blake assumed correctly. Brendan even retweeted Blake’s snarky comeback.

Blake Moynes responds to backlash from critics.
Pic credit: @brendanscanzano/Twitter

It seems that Blake’s decision to join The Bachelorette didn’t negatively impact their friendship.

Blake is still on The Bachelorette while Brendan was sent home

Brendan and Blake were separated after Brendan went home on the most recent episode of The Bachelorette.

Brendan was bummed out that Mike P got the last one-on-one date with Katie for that week and that he was the only remaining contestant that hadn’t been on a one-on-one date.

He decided to meet with Katie to get some kind of indication on how she felt their relationship was going.

Ultimately, Katie didn’t feel that she could get there in time with Brendan and sent him home ahead of the rose ceremony.

Meanwhile, Blake received one of the four roses Katie had to give out that episode.

This means Blake will receive a hometown date, and Katie gets to meet his family.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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