The Bachelor: Zach reveals his biggest regret after watching his season back

Zach Shallcross on his season of The Bachelor
Zach Shallcross shares what he regrets most after seeing his episodes unfold. Pic credit: ABC/Craig Sjodin

If Zach Shallcross could go back in time, there would be a few things he’d do differently while filming The Bachelor.

Season 27 is currently on the tail end, with hometown dates and the Women Tell All coming up next week.

While Zach may be close to potentially choosing his forever partner, he recently admitted to having a few regrets while filming the show inside the well-known “Bachelor bubble.”

After watching the episodes back, Zach said he could have handled many situations in a different way.

“I’ve definitely looked back and looked at quite a few situations where I know I could’ve handled it way better,” Zach said on a recent appearance on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast.

“There were a few interactions in general where I look back, and I see that I failed myself, I failed that person, and not necessarily who I am, and I want to get better from it,” he continued.

Zach Shallcross reacts to watching his season of The Bachelor

Zach clarified that while he regrets some of the decisions he made, he doesn’t regret the way he handled the ones that mattered most — such as choosing to send certain women home.

“The decisions of having to send someone home, I do stand by that because I’m feeling out and seeing who could my person be,” Zach explained.

As the cast headed to Budapest during the most recent episode, Zach said goodbye to contestants Greer and Brooklyn after realizing his feelings for them weren’t as strong as they were for the other girls.

He went on to send Kat home during the rose ceremony, leaving contestants Charity, Kaity, Gabi, and Ariel as his final four women.

What was most shocking to Zach while watching the season back?

Zach also admitted that there were certain things he missed while filming — such as the depth of the situation between Kat and the other ladies after she snuck him away for a kiss before his one-on-one with Charity.

The “scandal” of Kat taking time away from Charity’s date surely caused a stir amongst the other contestants, which led fans to also be very vocal about the situation on social media.

Zach said he had no idea such animosity had stewed from the kiss, saying, “I didn’t know what had followed and been the reality for the girls for the past week or so afterward.”

“I didn’t know that it caused such issues or conflict within the women, so much so that it did,” he continued, saying he didn’t realize how much stress and fighting happened between them until he watched the episode back in real-time.

Will there be more things Zach will regret or miss in the upcoming episodes? Fans can tune in next week as the season airs its first double-header on Monday and Tuesday nights.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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