The Bachelor viewers sound off after Joey Graziadei admits he’s falling in love with two women

Joey Graziadei on The Bachelor
Joey Graziadei may have made a mistake. Pic credit: ABC

Joey Graziadei quickly became one of the most popular Bachelor stars in a very long time.

It was partly due to his good looks and charm but also has much to do with how he engages with the women in his cast.

His attentiveness makes them feel like they’re the only ones in the room when he is one-on-one with someone.

But, this week, we learned that Joey is human and has some flaws.

And he fell into a common trap on The Bachelor – by telling more than one woman that he is in love with them.

Other Bachelor stars have done it in the past and it usually ends with hurt feelings when one of the women thinks she’s getting that final rose but then doesn’t get it – just ask Leslie Fhima.

Joey Graziadei has so much love

Joey has been careful about revealing his feelings for his cast members prematurely and even spoke openly about waiting for the right time to really open up.

So when he told Daisy and Kelsey that he’s falling in love with them, Bachelor Nation let out a collective gasp.

He avoided the L-word with Rachel despite heading to the fantasy suite with her. But when it came to Kelsey and Daisy, he didn’t hold back. He told Kelsey he was “in love” and told Daisy that he was “falling in love.”

Bachelor Nation reacts to Joey Grazidei’s love declarations

Joey’s declarations have brought a response from The Bachelor viewers, who can’t seem to agree on whether it’s OK or not to use the L-word on multiple women.

Past leads have been skewered for it, including Gerry Turner on the first season of The Golden Bachelor and Ben Higgins, who was one of the first to make this huge mistake.

So it’s not surprising that social media went nuts when Joey did it too because honestly, we really thought he’d hold back better than this.

One viewer celebrated the start of The Bachelor drama when they tweeted, “JOEY SAID HE’S FALLING IN LOVE WITH 2 PEOPLE!!”

Another wrote, “if we have learned ONE thing from this franchise it’s that you do not tell more than one girl that you’re falling in love with them!!!!”

Since Rachel is the only one Joey didn’t use the L-word on, The Bachelor viewers already know her time on the show is coming to an end. One even wrote, “Yeaa Rachel can pack her bags now he didn’t say he’s ‘falling in love’ with her hope she finds love in paradise tho.”

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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Teresa Christoff
Teresa Christoff
1 month ago

Leslie has too much baggage, shouldn’t have let her near Kelsey and please don’t let her be the Golden Bachelorette!