Joey Graziadei shares when he realized he was in love with Kelsey Anderson

Joey Graziadei in Tulum on The Bachelor
Joey is opening up about falling in love. Pic credit: ABC

We’re getting close to the end of Joey Graziadei’s season of The Bachelor, and it’s almost time for him to choose.

Throughout the season, Joey has vocalized his fear of falling in love and having that person not return his feelings.

But after The Bachelor headed for Tulum for the Fantasy Suite dates, it’s pretty clear that everyone is still in love with Joey.

For his part, Joey is falling in love too, and he even admitted that to two different women during this Tulum trip.

However, one in particular definitely made a bigger impression than the rest, and Joey is clearly head over heels for her.

Now, he’s opening up about Kelsey Anderson and when he knew he was in love.

Joey Graziadei talks about how he knew

Next week, The Bachelor Women Tell All will air, and at that taping, different outlets will get an opportunity to interview Joey and the women who are on hand for the season special.

Us Weekly was among them and asked Joey about when he knew he was in love with Kelsey and why he told her when he did.

“It’s a great question. With Kelsey … you go back to the last time she really started expressing things, almost back to Montreal,” Joey explained.

He continued, “We were going a lot of off feelings, but there wasn’t really words being exchanged, so I did hold it in for a while.”

As for why he didn’t tell Kelsey in Montreal, he explained, “We both agree [that] when she was falling in Montreal, I was falling too. … I never said it to her because I wanted to be intentional with my words.”

Bachelor Nation has fallen for Kelsey’s dad, Mark

While Joey is clearly falling for Kelsey, The Bachelor viewers fell in love with her dad, Mark.

The silver-haired widower is devilishly handsome, kind, and has an amazing relationship with his children.

After the Hometown Dates episode, there were even calls for Mark to be the next Golden Bachelor star. In fact, the call for his casting was so loud that producers have even commented on the callout.

But is that something Mark would even want to do? In a recent video, Kelsey asked her dad how he felt about all the attention and while all the love clearly entertains him, it might be a long shot to get him to agree and step into the spotlight.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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