The Bachelor viewers are not impressed with sisters Lauren and Allison

Lauren and Allison are sisters on The Bachelor
Sisters Lauren and Allison are hoping to win Joey Graziadei’s heart. Pic credit: ABC

Season 28 of The Bachelor has kicked off – and we’ve been more than ready for it.

Joey Graziadei’s reign as The Bachelor is already starting well, and viewers seem pretty happy to see him take over.

There are a few things they aren’t happy about, which is par for the course when it comes to Bachelor Nation.

To begin with, the limo entrances were bananas — pun intended — and they could use a big revamp.

All the typical Bachelor elements are already falling into place, from the drama between the ladies to the lead kissing as many women as possible on premiere night.

In fact, Joey broke a record this season by kissing the most women ever in a premiere.

But one of the icks that has viewers talking the most seems to be the sisters who joined the show to compete with each other and everyone else to hopefully win Joey’s heart.

Lauren and Allison are sisters

Lauren is 28 years old, and her younger sister Allison is 24. The sisters, hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, joined the same Bachelor cast to compete for the same guy.

On premiere night, the pair came together and declared that they “love” Joey and even shook on it, deciding they didn’t want to fight with each other in front of the other women.

But they’re definitely competitive. Despite declaring their love for each other, Lauren and Allison are at odds as neither wants the other to kiss Joey first. And judging by how many kisses he gave out on premiere night, they better act fast.

Initially, they kept their relationship a secret, not telling the women in the mansion that they were sisters. That didn’t last long as Lauren and Allison gathered the other ladies up in the first episode and addressed the “weird elephant in the room” that no one had picked up on at that point but them.

Naturally, the women’s reactions to the announcement were shock and disbelief, with some saying they couldn’t or wouldn’t compete with their sister for a man.

Then, the sisters told Joey. Well, first, Allison got some one-on-one time with Joey only to be interrupted right before her opportunity to get that first kiss.

Lauren edged her way in, took her big sister’s spot, and smooched The Bachelor star first, causing Lauren to erupt with jealousy.

That’s when Lauren returned, made everyone scoot over, and then they admitted they were sisters – which Joey was not surprised about at all, considering they both told similar stories about where they were from.

Bachelor Nation is more upset about the sisters than Joey

Joey seemed to take the news in stride, more worried about the drama that could ensue while courting a couple of sisters than anything else.

Meanwhile, The Bachelor viewers thought the situation was beyond weird and had much to say about it.

One viewer took to X (formerly Twitter) and assumed that things would get very ugly should one sister get eliminated before the other one. They wrote, “How i imagine the sisters on the Bachelor acting when one gets eliminated…”

Another shared how “weirded out” they were with a meme from The Boys and a message that read, “Granny’s watching the Bachelor and there are two sisters who are competing at the same time.”

Another shared how they’d deal with sisters competing for them, writing, “If I was Joey I’d be sending both these sisters home. Don’t put me in the middle of your weird sibling rivalry!”

And yet another reacted to Joey giving one of them the first rose at the rose ceremony and the other getting the last one, which we’re definitely thinking was production’s idea.

We know exactly why casting chose a set of sisters to put on The Bachelor this season. It has the potential to get very messy, so we’ll just be here, watching and waiting to see what kind of drama comes from Lauren and Allison as they try to compete for Joey’s affection.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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