Viewers question why The Bachelor blurred out the Canadian flag

Joey Graziadei on The Bachelor
The Bachelor viewers are confused about one thing that happened last night. Pic credit: ABC

Not everything on The Bachelor has to make sense.

Like why do they cast sisters to compete against each other for the same man?

And why is every single person looking for the same thing and then having to deal with the same tired drama to get to their final rose choice?

The answer to those questions is simple: It’s because producers know how to get ratings.

The viewership depends on certain aspects of the show to repeat, just with different leads and a different cast each season.

But last night, on The Bachelor Season 28 premiere, something happened that we weren’t expecting, and viewers wanted to know why.

The Bachelor blurred out the Canadian flag

Something weird happened when Joey Graziadei greeted Maria, who hails from Canada.

When Joey met Maria during the limo entrances, he was clearly smitten. Then again, he seemed impressed with all the women he met on the first night of The Bachelor.

When she approached Joey, Maria had a gorgeous flower tucked behind her left ear, which she mentioned while greeting The Bachelor star. Then, ensuring he knew she was Canadian, she held a small Canadian flag.

Maria made sure to tell Joey that while she is Canadian, she’s not opposed to moving — in case he’s not trying to cross the border to the North should a love connection happen between them.

Maria is quickly becoming a fan favorite (or possibly a villain; either way, she’s very talked-about), so viewers noticed when she gave Joey a small Canadian flag that he tucked into his jacket pocket.

The thing they noticed, though, is that the tiny flag was blurred out on The Bachelor, and viewers took to social media to talk about it and to try and figure out why.

The Bachelor viewers react to blurred-out flag.

It seems weird for The Bachelor producers to blur out a Canadian flag. After all, there’s nothing controversial about it at all.

But viewers noticed and took aim, calling out production and asking why they would even choose to do that.

One viewer kept it simple, just asking, “Why is The Bachelor blurring out the Canadian flag?”

“Spotting the Canadian Flag that was blurred out on The Bachelor for some reason,” one viewer wrote on X (formerly Twitter) after spotting the confusing moment.

Another wrote, “I never figured the next Canadian- United States war would begin with the Bachelor blurring out the Canadian flag, but here we are.”

It’s still not clear if the Canadian flag being blurred out was some joke that the producers haven’t let us in on or if it’s some sort of clue about what to expect from Maria, but it’s definitely odd, and everyone wants to know what’s up.

Maria made an impression, but it wasn’t a first impression. We’re betting she takes on a villain role and gives us plenty to talk about.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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