The Bachelor star Peter Weber is facing cheating rumors after split from Kelley Flanagan

Peter Weber
Peter Weber is facing cheating rumors, but sources say he didn’t cheat on Kelley Flanagan. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor star Peter Weber shocked everyone when he announced that he and Kelley Flanagan had ended their relationship.

The news was shocking because just days before the split made headlines, Peter had gushed about how excited he was to move to New York City with Kelley.

Then, suddenly, the relationship was over and he shared the news on Instagram before they could even process the split.

But now, there are rumors surfacing about why they split, as he was vague about why the relationship ended.

On social media, rumors surfaced that he had cheated on Kelley with an influencer and that he had left her.

The Bachelor star Peter Weber was accused of cheating on Kelley Flanagan

In the post shared by Deuxmoi online, a person claimed that Peter’s cheating was the reason behind the sudden split. Apparently, he had cheated with an influencer and Kelley didn’t comment on it right away, because she needed time to process everything.

The person also claimed that the reason why Peter was so quick to confirm the news was to get ahead of whatever story may surface about the split.

Of course, Bachelor fans couldn’t help but point out that Kelley just joined another list of ex-girlfriends, including Hannah Brown, Madison Prewett and Hannah Ann.

In another Instagram post, Bachelor viewers made a meme that read, “It’s not you, it’s Peter.”

The Bachelor star Peter Weber denies cheating on Kelley Flanagan

Just hours after the cheating rumors surfaced online, a source decided to speak to US Weekly about the whole thing. Even though the source is anonymous, it’s clear that it favors Peter.

“It was a tough break up. Both sides are really affected, which is why Kelley took some time to put out the statement,” the source told the magazine. “They’re both sad and trying to heal.”

The source confirmed that Peter was the one who ended it, but that Kelley wasn’t blindsided by it. The source argues that Kelley knew it was coming and that they had tried to make their relationship work.

This weekend, Kelley Flanagan broke her silence about the split, revealing that they clearly wanted different things. That seemed to match with the source’s claims that they were fighting more about the future.

Even Peter’s mom Barbara felt she needed to make a comment, adding that they have nothing but love for Kelley.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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