The Bachelor star Colton Underwood says hydroxychloroquine gave him negative side effects, fans are not happy with him talking about the drug

Colton Underwood
Colton Underwood speaks out about his coronavirus treatment. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor star Colton Underwood is breaking his silence about his fight with coronavirus.

The reality star previously announced he had tested positive.

While in self-isolation to deal with the virus, Colton revealed that he struggled with his health and his breathing, and he talked about the medications he was taking.

Now, Underwood is sharing more details, as health experts are trying to find the best way to combat COVID-19.

Since the virus is novel, there isn’t a straightforward treatment to help stop the spread and help people recover.

Colton admits some of the medication he took had some negative side effects.

Colton Underwood speaks out about hydroxychloroquine

After Colton tested positive, he received drugs to help him get through it. One of those was hydroxychloroquine.

Colton told Maria Menounos on her podcast Better Together that the medication did help. It helped him get rid of his night sweats. The drug also broke his fever, and he felt completely different after just five days.

At the time, the drug hadn’t been talked about or approved, but he decided to take it anyway.

Colton opened up about it on social media to set an example, but there were negative side effects. His followers on social media were quick to reach out to him with harsh messages about his medication choice.

“I’m trying to be transparent,” Colton revealed, sharing that he was trying to set an example for people.

“I was receiving hateful messages about promoting messages that aren’t approved and taking drugs away from people who have Lupus.”

He then added, “There’s gnarly side effects to the medication.”

Colton explains that hydroxychloroquine isn’t great for the heart, especially for people with pre-existing conditions.

When he was first diagnosed, he revealed he was shocked because he does see himself as an overall healthy person. Underwood admits that COVID-19 kicked his butt, and the medications took a toll on him.

Colton Underwood has made a full recovery from COVID-19

Yesterday, Colton revealed that he had fully recovered from COVID-19. He shared the news on Instagram, revealing that Cassie Randolph had done everything to take care of him physically and mentally.

It has been two weeks since he tested positive and was required to go into self-isolation to avoid spreading the virus to Cassie. He got a room at Cassie’s family home, so they could all take care of him.

He updated fans on social media, and Underwood added that he struggled to breathe while he was dealing with the disease.

Just days before he tested positive for COVID-19, Colton and Cassie had gone out for a walk to break quarantine. While out, Cassie was stung by a stingray and had to go to the emergency room because she was having a negative reaction to the venom.

Just a few days later, Colton admitted he had tested positive for coronavirus.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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