The Bachelor spoilers: Ten women are headed home as Peter Weber takes them to Costa Rica

Peter Weber has to choose 10 women to go home on The Bachelor
Peter Weber will have to send ten more women home this week. Pic credit: ABC

Things are about to get real competitive, even more than usual, on The Bachelor because Peter Weber has to send ten more women home this week and none of them want to be on that list.

So far this season, Peter hasn’t been big on sending anyone home. And when he does, he’s been really quick to have them come right back.

After all, Peter sent Alayah home last week and then decided that he made the wrong decision and offered for her to rejoin the group.

But this week on The Bachelor, there will be two episodes and it looks like it’s time to cut down some of the competition and send a bunch of the girls vying for Peter’s heart back to where they came from.

Two episodes and 10 eliminations this week for The Bachelor

The next episode picks up where Peter Weber left off, with the rose ceremony. It is there where he will send three girls home. But since there are two episodes of The Bachelor this week, the total tally of eliminations will reach 10 as the group travels from Ohio to Costa Rica to Chile according to Cinema Blend.

And while The Bachelor spoilers indicate that Alayah doesn’t stick around after all, she isn’t among those that Peter chooses not to give a rose. Instead, it’s actually been reported that she won the group rose after returning to the house, something the other women weren’t very happy about.

When Peter arrived in Ohio, he had 15 women with him and by the end of this week, he should be down to just six women who are still fighting for the final rose.

Peter Weber’s scar

Another moment we’ll get to see as The Bachelor moves forward will be Peter Weber’s forehead scar. As previously reported, Peter had an accident on the golf course while taking a break from filming.

However, it didn’t cause any delays in filming and the show went on as planned. Except for the shock among The Bachelor hopefuls, who couldn’t believe that Peter had injured himself badly enough to require stitches in the short time that they were apart.

Hang on because this week on The Bachelor, things are bound to get a little bumpy.

The Bachelor airs Monday and Wednesday this week at 8/7c on ABC. 

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