The Bachelor spoilers: Leaked photos show Zach and his winner at final rose ceremony

Zach Shallcross
Leaked photos have revealed who Zach chooses as his winner. Pic credit: ABC/Craig Sjodin

If you’ve been wondering which lucky lady received Zach Shallcross’ final rose at the end of his season of The Bachelor, a few new photos may just have the answer you’re looking for.

While the show has only aired six episodes so far, it’s not unusual for spoilers to make their way around the internet about halfway through a season.

While some may be just rumors and guesses, some new leaked pictures on Reddit seem to show Zach at his proposal spot with his winner, who has a long-stemmed red rose in her hand.

Both the scenery and Zach’s blue suit match up with the new trailers for what’s to come on the finale of the show, and even though it may be up in the air right now, the photos seem to check out based on Zach’s connections up until this point.

So, who is the lucky lady to receive a final rose and possibly a proposal from the leading man?

It seems like current frontrunner Kaity Biggar was Zach’s final choice.

Kaity Biggar is Zach Shallcross’ final rose winner on The Bachelor

Kaity, the 27-year-old nurse from Austin, has been one of Zach’s top ladies since night one.

Despite the two already having a romantic one-on-one date, Kaity also brought Zach a care package while he was quarantined with COVID-19 in London, and viewers saw them build their connection as they sat on either side of a hotel door and had an endearing conversation.

Kaity and Zach are also from the same city, which would make the transition from their “Bachelor bubble” to “real life” much smoother.

Previous spoilers revealed Gabi to be Zach’s final pick

While it’s been clear that Kaity and Zach have a strong relationship thus far, some spoilers have speculated that Gabi, the 25-year-old account executive, was his season’s winner.

Loyal members of Bachelor Nation may be familiar with Reality Steve, who often posts spoilers about the Bachelor franchise.

“Zach is engaged to Kaity Biggar,” Reality Steve wrote at the beginning of February. “I’m well aware that for the last 2 months, another site has said that Gabi is the winner. All I can say is this: My sources have told me it’s Kaity. Their sources obviously told them something different in Gabi.”

He continued to tell his followers, “I stand by my sources, and I’m sure they’ll stand by theirs. Now it’s just up to everyone else to determine who they choose to believe.”

While Reality Steve may have let his followers decide for themselves, after seeing proof in the new leaked photos, it seems like he was right all along.

And while it’s still unclear whether or not Kaity and Zach get engaged during the finale, it’s very likely based on the trailers, as Zach is seen holding an engagement ring and saying he has “found his love.”

So yes, it’s pretty clear that we can assume Kaity and Zach are currently relishing in their new life as fiances who found love on reality television.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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