The Bachelor spoilers: Fans are split on Mariela Pepin as more rumors surface about her

Mariela Pepin
Mariela Pepin continues to get slammed online. Pic credit: ABC

Mariela Pepin was announced last week as one of the women who will be competing on The Bachelor.

She is currently in Pennsylvania filming The Bachelor with Matt James, as the new season started filming this past weekend.

Matt, who was set to meet all of the women on Saturday, October 10, for the first night of filming, may not have read some of the reports that have surfaced about Mariela.

Most of what has come to light has come from people who claim to know her or know someone who knows her, so nothing has been confirmed per se.

But it sounds like people believe that Mariela is only on The Bachelor to get clout so she can fulfill a bigger dream.

Mariela Pepin continues to get a bad rap online

On social media, people are discussing Mariela, questioning her true intentions. The Instagram account @bachelorteadaily is reporting that they are hearing a lot of negative things about her and they hope that Matt doesn’t pick her.

“I know Mariela Pepin is 100% doing the show for clout,” one person supposedly wrote to the fan account.

“She’s just finding any way she can to get exposure. She was in a serious relationship with a military man…I found his Instagram. She only cares about getting famous and will put on a mask until she gets there. I hope he realizes how fake she is. She doesn’t deserve him and should be kicked off the show. She even leaked her own Bachelor greeting letter.”

Mariela Pepin
Pic credit: @bachelorteadaily/Instagram

Again, we are unable to confirm these claims. Someone replied to @bachelorteadaily’s story, asking them to hold back on reporting these kinds of theories until something concrete surfaces about Mariela. However, @bachelorteadaily replied on the story that there was evidence.

Mariela Pepin
Pic credit: @bachelorteadaily/Instagram

The person who reached out reminded @bachelorteadaily that Tayshia was in a similar situation before going on Colton’s season.

Last week, Monsters & Critics reported that people were coming forward with stories about Mariela, claiming that she was only on The Bachelor to get attention so she could compete for Miss Universe.

Mariela Pepin has already met Matt James if production is on schedule

So far, Matt’s season is currently filming if production has gone ahead with their original schedule. They were set to start filming on October 10.

If this is the case, then Matt has already met Mariela. Because they are filming on location in Pennsylvania, there are few spoilers at the moment. However, it appears that she’s still there as she has not surfaced as one of the women who was sent home.

Tyler Cameron recently spoke out about Matt’s selection of women, calling them all gorgeous. He’s hoping that his friend finds his happy ending and a wife.

The Bachelorette premieres tonight, Tuesday, October 13, at 8/7c on ABC.

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