The Bachelor Season 26 cast: Meet 31 ladies looking for love with lead Clayton Echard

The Bachelor Season 26 contestants
Meet all 31 women who are competing for Clayton Echard’s final rose on The Bachelor Season 26. Pic credit: ABC

Now that The Bachelorette is winding down, Bachelor Nation can look forward to Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor.

In just a few weeks, The Bachelor viewers will get to watch Clayton meet 31 women who are all looking to get his final rose.

The Bachelor Season 26 promo already teased that there will be plenty of drama. Clayton told three of the women that he’s in love with them and reveals to two of them that he slept with both of them during Fantasy Suite dates.

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Surprisingly enough, Bachelor Nation got to see the faces of these three women. Now that we have their names, viewers will presumably know who the final three are before the season even kicks off.

This seems to be the trend of this season as Bachelor Nation already knew that Clayton was going to be the Bachelor lead before they got to watch him on Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette.

Here’s a chance to meet those three alleged finalists and the rest of the women on The Bachelor Season 26.

Meet the women dating Clayton Echard

There are 31 women who will enter The Bachelor mansion and meet Clayton. Us Weekly revealed these women’s identities.

Most of the contestants are from the United States. However, there is one international contestant.

Eliza I. is from Berlin, Germany.

There are a few contestants that have similar hometowns. Sometimes this leads to the contestants knowing each other from before the show and leads to drama.

For instance, Claire and Susie are both from Virginia Beach, VA.

Rianna and Sierra, meanwhile, are both from Dallas, TX.

Many of the women have careers in fitness which will surely be appealing to the former NFL candidate Clayton.

Sierra is a yoga instructor, Melina is a personal trainer, and Marlena is a former Olympian.

Additionally, several women are in the medical industry like Clayton, including ICU nurse Gabby, pediatric nurse Hailey, physician Kira, neonatal nurse Lindsay D., registered nurse Rianna, and surgical unit nurse Teddi.

Plus, Serene is an elementary school teacher like Michelle and Clayton’s mom.

Bachelor Nation will remember Salley was spotted in engagement pictures and has now been dubbed with the career label “previously engaged.”

Last but certainly not least, it appears that the names of the three women who are teased to be the finalists have been revealed.

The first woman appears to be the 26-year-old bartender named Genevieve from Los Angeles.

Genevieve on Clayton's season of The Bachelor
Pic credit: ABC

The second finalist appears to be the 29-year-old recruiter named Shanae from Sycamore, Ohio.

Shanae on Clayton's season of The Bachelor
Pic credit: ABC

Last is the third finalist who is seemingly the 33-year-old social media director named Jane from Los Angeles, California.

Jane on Clayton's season of The Bachelor
Pic credit: ABC

Of course, The Bachelor’s producers are known to try to trick its viewers during its promos so these women could also easily not be the final three.

For pictures of the rest of the women, here’s the gallery.

Does Clayton Echard find love on The Bachelor?

During an interview with GMA, Clayton may have let it slip whether he finds love on The Bachelor.

While viewers found out that he falls in love with three of the women there in the trailer, it does seem like he may have found the one.

Clayton shared, “I did find love, and I was a little skeptical going into the whole journey but I’m so pleasantly surprised things worked out much different than what I had thought.”

Viewers will have to tune into The Bachelor to see for themselves.

The Bachelor returns to ABC on Monday, January 3 at 8/7c.

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