The Bachelor: Matt James thanks God for blessing him more than he deserves despite outcome

Matt James
Matt James reveals he feels blessed after The Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor star Matt James’ season came to an end last night on ABC.

Matt’s season had been controversial to say the least, but not because of Matt himself.

He was picked as the first Black Bachelor lead for the franchise after ABC was criticized for not showing diversity on the show.

While Matt struggled with his feelings throughout filming, it was Rachael Kirkconnell’s photo scandal from 2018 that came to identify this season.

Chris Harrison had to step back from his hosting duties and several people involved with The Bachelor chose to step back or revealed plans to step back from the franchise, including Rachel Lindsay.

Matt James reveals he’s blessed despite recent Bachelor developments

Despite everything he has been through during the show and after filming wrapped, Matt revealed that he still felt blessed.

On social media, he thanked God for “blessing me much more than I deserve.”

Matt James
Pic credit: @mattjames919/Instagram

Given everything he had been through on the show with his emotions and everything he dealt with afterwards including how Rachael’s photos from 2018, he tried to remain positive.

His season became the trigger that caused massive change within Bachelor Nation, all while he was dealing with heartbreak.

He admitted on social media that he had gone through some of the most challenging weeks of his life and that he found Rachael’s photos very disappointing.

Matt James shared all the details on After The Final Rose

During last night’s finale, Matt opened up about the experience – both on and after The Bachelor. It was clear by his statements that he wished things had played out differently.

He also struggled to confront Rachael about how hurtful her actions had been. While she was ready to try again, he wanted to end it and completely move on from their relationship.

Matt revealed that one of the most problematic things for him was that he had to explain to Rachael why those photos were hurtful. He didn’t think that she understood the magnitude of what it was like for him to be an African American and what it would be for their kids to grow up as African Americans in the country.

Thanks to spoilers, we already knew that Matt broke up with Rachael around Valentine’s Day after the photos surfaced. Later in February, Matt wore a t-shirt that said that racist people were not his kind of people.

He didn’t leave any doubt as to where he stood in terms of Chris Harrison, Rachael Kirkconnell, and Bachelor Nation.

Despite not getting his happy ending, Matt still felt that he was blessed by God in more ways than he deserved.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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