The Bachelor: Kate Gallivan speaks out about her date with Harry Styles

Kate Gallivan
Kate Gallivan has a past with a celebrity. Pic credit: ABC

Kate Gallivan was on this past season of The Bachelor with Clayton Echard as the leading man.

Not only was she on The Bachelor franchise, but she also works as a realtor for the real estate firm, The Oppenheim Group, which is part of the television show, Selling Sunset.

But those are not the only claim to fame that Kate has in her back pocket. Previously, she dated a famous celebrity as well.

Who did Kate Gallivan go on a date with in the past?

Recently, Kate was a guest on the Click Bait with Bachelor Nation podcast with co-hosts Joe Amabile, Tia Booth, and Natasha Parker where she revealed that she went on a date with none other than Harry Styles.

She told viewers and listeners her story of the date and also had something to say to those haters who don’t believe she is telling the truth.

Kate said after revealing this on a previous podcast she received criticism that she wasn’t expecting from critics and haters, but said that anyone who knows her could probably tell the story from the heart they’ve heard it so much.

She claimed, “When I told this story, I never assumed that people wouldn’t believe me. They thought I was lying or clout chasing and I don’t blame them. It’s an unusual thing to happen. I get that people have their own perspectives about it. I just had no clue people wouldn’t believe me.”

Kate continued on and told the co-hosts and listeners about the date. She said that it occurred back in 2014 right after Kate had moved to Los Angeles. At that time, Harry was still a part of the band One Direction; he was 20 and Kate was 24.

How did the two end up meeting and going out?

She revealed that, at the time, she was an assistant at CAA and stated, “It was so crazy to me to be in such a nice building with all these famous people. Harry’s agent ended up setting us up and we texted for a little bit. We went to Petit Ermitage, which is a boutique hotel in West Hollywood. It was very low-key, no paparazzi.”

Kate went on to talk about how sweet Harry was and asked her a lot about herself, so he wasn’t self-centered at all. She laughed and said they split an order of fries, and it was so surreal to be sitting there, eating with Harry Styles.

At the end of the date, Kate did say the two shared a kiss, and when asked who was the better kisser, Clayton or Harry, Kate exclaimed, “I think there were definitely more vibes with Harry for me.”

What happened after that date?

Unfortunately, that was the one and only date for Harry and Kate. He went off to Europe for a tour with One Direction, and she accidentally shattered her phone one drunken night.

After having to change phone plans, she also had to get a new number; thus, who knows what might have been for Kate and Harry… and if he ever did try to get back in touch with Kate for a second date?

For the full Click Bait with Bachelor Nation with Kate Gallivan, click here.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11th, on ABC.

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