The Bachelor fans want Sydney eliminated over bullying claims against Maria

The Bachelor contestants Sydney and Maria
Sydney and Maria are at the center of bullying claims. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor fans are rallying around Maria after a dramatic Episode 3 saw her at the center of controversy with castmate Sydney.

The drama is never-ending as the women fiercely compete for the heart of the hunky bachelor, Joey Graziadei.

However, Sydney might have taken things too far in her quest to get competitor Maria out of the running by causing Joey to question her character.

Sydney ran to him with bullying claims against the outspoken brunette beauty and accused Maria of calling her names.

While Joey was admittedly confused about what went down between the women after he confronted Maria and she told her side of the story, viewers were not.

Everyone who watched the interaction play out between the feuding duo saw that Sydney had exaggerated the conversation by leaps and bounds.

After the episode aired, viewers took to social media to slam the 28-year-old and begged for her to be eliminated from the show over her behavior.

The Bachelor fans slam Sydney for calling Maria a bully

A preview of the episode was posted on Instagram, and The Bachelor viewers took to the comments to bash Sydney.

“I don’t even like Maria and I want Sydney to leave,” one commenter bluntly stated.

Sydney needs to go,” said someone else.

One viewer said, “Joey your adorable and I know this show is over and you’ll see that Maria was definitely not being a bully.”

One commenter declared her love for Maria in the comments.

Meanwhile, someone else asked, “Why does the casting crew and producers allow people like Sidney who lie to destroy someone else’s chance.”

The Bachelor comments on Instagram
Pic credit: @bachelorabc/Instagram

Bachelor alum Ashley Iaconetti defends Sydney and urges viewers to ‘be kind’

While Sydney is getting roasted online over her behavior in the latest episode, she’s getting support from Bachelor Nation star, Ashley Iaconetti.

Ashley is friends with The Bachelor newbie, and posted a message in her defense.

The photo reshared on Sydney’s Instagram Story showed her on a girls’ night out with Ashley.

“Please be kind to our friend @syd_gord,” wrote the Bachelor in Paradise alum, “Sometimes you just have to have been there to understand why people made the moves they did.”

Sydney Gordon Instagram Story
Sydney Gordon shares a message from Ashley Iaconneti.Pic credit: @syd_gord/Instagram

Meanwhile, as The Bachelor fans continue to defend Maria, she hasn’t said much about the bullying controversy that had the 29-year-old in tears.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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2 months ago

Sydney is just plan awful! I am disappointed in the other women not coming to Maria’s defense.