Who went home so far on Season 28 of The Bachelor?

Joey Graziadei on The Bachelor
Joey Graziadei has said that sending people home is hard. Pic credit: ABC

We’ve only seen two episodes of The Bachelor featuring Joey Graziadei as the lead.

Season 28 started off with a bang as 32 women entered the mansion with hopes of catching the tennis coach’s attention.

Some of them definitely did, and they’re still around to continue making an impression on Joey and everyone watching The Bachelor from home.

Others either didn’t get enough time with the newest reality TV star or made the wrong kind of impression and have already been sent packing before the fun even starts.

Right now, there are just 18 ladies left in The Bachelor mansion with just two rose ceremonies under our belts.

And we’re already starting to pick our favorites — and our least favorites — as Joey spends time with everyone on group dates or one-on-ones to try and figure out who is there for the right reasons and which one of these gorgeous women is his person.

Here’s who went home in Episode 1

The limo entrances were… interesting for Season 28 of The Bachelor. Some were pretty basic, with girls just pulling up in limos and sashaying their way to Joey for an introduction.

Others tried to create memories by going over the top. And while we didn’t mind the bumper car intro, it seems that no one, not even Joey, was impressed with the pick-a-banana stunt.

We saw ten ladies go home in the first week of the show, including the banana girl named Zoe.

Joey said goodbye to Chandler, Kayla, Lanie, Sandra, Sam, and Talyah, along with Zoe.

He also failed to give roses to Samantha, Kyra, and Nat.

It’s never fun going home on the first night, and oftentimes, it’s just due to the sheer amount of cast members who are there and not getting enough face time with Joey to make an impression.

Joey said goodbye to these ladies in Episode 2

The second episode of The Bachelor allowed the remaining 22 women to get a bit more face time with Joey, so naturally, sending someone home got a lot harder for him.

Lauren got upset and decided she didn’t want to be there anymore, self-eliminating after throwing a fit about getting the wrong birthday cake. Honestly, we weren’t mad to see her go after all that.

At the rose ceremony, Joey only sent the other girls home – one of whom was stirring the pot a bit, so we’re not surprised about that.

We’re talking about Taylor, who had an issue with Jess, so that may have made some Bachelor viewers sad to say goodbye since Jess doesn’t seem to be popular in Bachelor Nation.

Joey also said goodbye to Erika and Marlena, who didn’t make enough of an impression to stay.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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