The Bachelor fans side with Greer after Zach slams her COVID-19 comparison during cocktail party

Greer Blitzer and Zach Shallcross
Greer broke down after an awkward conversation with Zach during Monday night’s cocktail party. Pic credit: ABC

Between her unsalvageable conversation with Zach Shallcross and her emotional breakdown over drinking tea, Greer Blitzer had herself quite the night on Monday’s new episode of The Bachelor.

The February 20 episode saw the cast take on London, where Zach contracted COVID-19 halfway through the week and was forced to have a virtual cocktail party with his remaining women.

One conversation stood out as each girl spoke to Zach through a tablet screen.

First impression rose-winner Greer, who works in sales, told Zach she knew how frustrated he must have felt. Greer attempted to sympathize with Zach, explaining how she had previously gotten the virus at the end of a sales quarter and compared that stress level to Zach’s halted journey for love.

While Greer was trying to put herself in Zach’s shoes — as she said — Zach was offended by the comparison and made sure she knew that hitting a quota and finding a wife were very different things.

Though the 24-year-old contestant left the conversation confused and upset, many fans have chosen to stick up for Greer after seeing Zach’s reaction.

Bachelor fans take Greer Blitzer’s side after her awkward conversation with Zach Shallcross

After Greer and Zach’s conversation, some fans were confused, wondering exactly what Greer had said wrong.

One viewer slammed Zach over his reaction, writing, “Zach’s response to Greer was so unnecessarily rude and off-putting. RED FLAG!”

A few Episode 5 viewers also chimed in with their opinions on Zach’s response to Greer’s comparison.

“Ok maybe unpopular opinion but Zach insisting his spending 5 days in a London hotel room filming a tv show has more serious consequences than Greer missing out on career opportunities is a jerk move,” one viewer wrote.

Tweet about The Bachelor
Pic credit: @kelsey_mansell/Twitter

“I…really hate that Zach got offended about Greer’s work comment. Like you’re on a reality show with a pretty low success rate and you’re gonna be offended she compared it to working in sales? It’s not that serious dude,” another Bachelor fan tweeted.

Some even called Zach “rude” and said that Greer was trying to relate to his situation.

Tweets about The Bachelor
Pic credit: @jess_schmidt16/@hillwass/Twitter

Although Greer was sure she would be sent home during the show’s first-ever virtual rose ceremony, she received Zach’s last rose of the night — thus sending contestants Mercedes and Kylee home.

What’s been happening since Greer won the first impression rose?

During the season premiere in January, Zach memorably handed his first impression rose to Greer, where the two shared one of the many kisses Zach had given away that night.

While their connection started off hot, the two have seemingly slowed down their relationship over the past few weeks, leaving Greer wondering if she and Zach will ever rekindle their initial spark.

While the sales rep may be in trouble as the last woman to receive a rose last night, she is still featured in the trailer for the rest of the season.

However, the newest preview shows Greer crying while walking down a hotel hallway with Zach standing in the doorway behind her.

And, as far as The Bachelor goes, that’s never a good sign.

Will Greer be one of Zach’s top ladies this season? Fans can tune in next Monday night to find out.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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1 year ago

Zack is a jerk….He has already made up his mind about his Cinderella,,,Gabi. It was SOOOOO wrong for her to walk in with all those gifts in front of the other girls. Really a low move on both their parts!

1 year ago

He is a jerk – first to Greer and then to Jess – he shamed both of them and they were just trying to be nice and get to know him. I would have walked off the show – he’s a serious ass hole