The Bachelor fans react as Jess Edwards goes home

Jess Edwards on The Bachelor
Jess Edwards ruffled some feathers on The Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

Jess Edwards joined Season 28 of The Bachelor like a hurricane, shaking up the cast and causing quite a bit of commotion.

Right off the bat, The Bachelor viewers didn’t love her and had much to say about it on social media.

She didn’t win points with her castmates either, especially after she interrupted Joey’s time with Taylor to talk to The Bachelor star for a second time that night.

When Jess opened up to Joey about a traumatic relationship that still affected her, viewers weren’t impressed.

Jess managed to irk Bachelor Nation again after she took aim at Maria following Sydney’s exit, and it’s pretty clear that she’s not one of the fan-favorite cast members this season.

Jess, Lea, and Sydney have been called the “mean girls” of this Bachelor season.

She clearly was too focused on the drama to develop a solid relationship with Joey, and that led to her journey ending in Montreal before the rose ceremony even started.

Joey says goodbye to Jess after scavenger hunt group date

Jess was the last name called for the group date in Montreal, and maybe that should have been our first clue that she was coming in last place when it came to Joey’s roster.

Another clue would have been when Jess pointed out that she was sad because Joey still hadn’t given her a one-on-one date.

Then, she complained to the camera that on the group dates, she felt “forgotten.”

So when Jess got to sit down with Joey and let him know she was falling for him, it was pretty obvious that he was preparing to give her the goodbye speech. He looked like he was in pain.

Then, he laughed into the “it’s not you, it’s me,” or rather, “I’ve just not been able to get there,” before apologizing and walking a bawling Jess out.

Bachelor Nation celebrates as Jess leaves Canada alone

Let’s be honest, of all the women left, Jess seemed to be the least likely to get that final rose anyway. So it shouldn’t be too surprising that she got cut — and finally, he cut someone outside of a rose ceremony or two-on-one date.

Bachelor Nation was ready, and they were pretty happy to see her go.

One Bachelor viewer took to X (formerly Twitter) and wrote, “Jess being sent home… Lea you’re next girl.”

This meme summed up the scene perfectly.

It’s safe to say that Bachelor Nation will not miss Jess.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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